Monday, 4 July 2011

Summer Nights....

Hello Bloggies...
I know, I know..still not getting here as often as I'd like and my only excuse is that I've spent lots of time sat in the sun instead of in front of my PC, infact its only about an hour since I came in tonight. Sitting outside on balmy summer evenings is really one of my greatest pleasures...especially if its quiet and I can hear all those nice 'night time' sounds, I hope some one else knows what I mean instead of thinking like most people do..'listen the mad woman's rambling again'!!!

Anyways what I wanted to show you was this sewing/tapestry frame that Kia got for me for £2 in our local charity shop!!!

 I did have some difficulty getting my tapestry on it nice and tight because the little lozenges that are meant to hold it in place kept popping off....but because the frame has holes almost all the way around it I just stitched it into place!!

Anyway I've not done anywhere near enough of my tapestry so hopefully having it in its frame on view will motivate me into picking it up and doing more than a few stitches!
One last thing, does anyone keep or has in the past kept an art journal?
I'm really interested in keeping/making one myself and just wondered if anyone had any tips they could share???

Enjoy the sunshine.
Em xxxx


Diane said...

I know exactly what you mean about the summer sounds. It makes me want to sit out until really late. Love the tapestry. xxxx

Sandie said...

Where I live is usually quiet of an evening and we have all sorts of wildlife visit it is really amazing.
I have been know to sit out until nearly 3am!
2 nights ago, I was sitting outside on my bench, when something bright white caught my was a Barn Owl just 3 feet away swooping on an enormus Moth. My jaw dropped in awe.
In the Autumn we get the occasional Badger and Muncjac deer. Mostly at the moment we get hedgehogs and foxes.
So, your not alone, can't say if we are mad or not LOL!

Sandie xx

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

I love sitting outside in the evening on a warm night, it's lovely just to relax and listen xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Glad to see you darling, ENJOY THE SUNSHINE x

Mousy Brown said...

I love those balmy evenings too - we just don't seem to be getting them here! By 9 it is cold and without a fire and lots of layers we are shivering....maybe I need to move to the other side of the peak district! Keep having fun! Em xx

janis said...

I love the night sounds. So soothing! And interesting.
Love the tapestry♥ what gorgeous colors.

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