Sunday, 19 June 2011

Saturday Coffee Morning Craft Stall.

We have a coffee morning with craft and other types of stalls every third saturday of the month in our village and this weekend it was in aid of PACT ....and everyone helped to raise lots of money for them.
There was an auction, a raffle and pledging money for singers to sing requests for them!!
Me and Evie ran our little craft stall and had a great time chatting to everyone and listening very enviously to the amazing singers!

 You'll have to excuse my really,really bad photography but I've just got a new phone and I'm still figuring out the camera....I think in future I'll just take my trusty old snapper along with me!
Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.
Em xxxxx


Taz said...

That sounds like a fun Saturday morning.
Sorry for making you cry petal, my Dad was the same - didn't like a fuss :) xx

Country Girl said...

Hi! We are swap partners in Laalaas magic ball swap. I will have a read and get to know you.