Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Right Royal Garden Party!

I swore I wasn't going to waste my day yesterday watching the royal wedding on TV...but like I suspect millions of other people I sat down for a few minutes quick viewing and ended up sat for over 4 hours glued to the TV screen!!

Then We spent the rest of the afternoon at my friends 'Dress as Royalty' garden party , dressed obviously as royalty!!
 As soon as Evie found out she would be expected to dress up as a princess she decided to be a zombie princess!
So after worry about wrecking one her nice dresses by 'zombiefying' it I remembered her ruined bridesmaid dress from Ruby's wedding last summer..
Hey presto..a few more holes and rips and a lot of red food colouring and there it was the perfect zombie princess royal wedding party dress!!

Zombie Princess Evie!!

Punky Princess Hermione and Zombie Princess Evie!
Hope you all had a lovely day whatever you did.
Em xxx


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Long Time..No See.....

I know its been forever since I last blogged..over a month ago!
But I've been soooo busy I've really not had more than a nano-second to think about blogging.
So here's whats been happening in the world of Garden Peas and Fleas since I last saw you all...
Myself, my mum, my sister and my friend Grania decided to start our own little business selling handmade things at craft fairs along with some gift items we bought from a local wholesalers....

And so far its been a hectic but fun time for us all!
Between us we have an abundance of handmade goodness including cards, soap, felt items, crochet and knitting.
We've done three fairs so far and We've made a good profit!

 As well as the fairs I've been on a reading frenzy and I've read over 10 books since my last post, plus Kia was home for a fortnight for her easter holiday and was unwell for most of the second week and when she went home she didn't even manage a week back in Aberdeen before coming home again for another week.

On easter Saturday I went on a Chicken Keeping course and found myself a confirmed chicken-hater being converted...I just never realised just how interesting chickens could be and how friendly they are and what interesting personalities they fact I'm thinking about getting some in the near future!

The course was held by this lady Jody Fendick if  you're at all interested in keeping chickens or do already but want some advice etc I'd thoroughly recommend it.
The rest of easter was a blur of parties, barbecues and nice hearty meals.
Evie has enough chocolate this year to rival Thorntons!
But sadly today school and college are back and its back to reality for us all.

Em xxxx