Sunday, 6 March 2011

Queen of the Stoneage Bookworm.

This isn't so much as an update on my recent reading but an update on some re-reading of old favourites.
One of my absolute favourite series' of books ever has to be the 'Earths Children' series by Jean .M. Auel.

There are five books in it so far...
1. The Clan of The Cave Bear.
2. The Valley of Horses.
3. The Mammoth Hunters.
4. The Plains of Passage.
5. The Shelters of Stone.

Each one is an amazing story in its own right and forms part of the whole great series of books.
Set during the last Ice Age about 30,000 years ago in what will one day become Europe.
The general premise of the books for those that haven't read them is.

Book 1. Ayla a young Cro-Magnon girl of about 5 years is orphaned and alone after an earthquake, she is adopted by a group of travelling Neaderthals looking for a new cave to call home.
The main idea of the first story is about the differences between the two very different types (?) of early humans.
After a series of sad events Ayla has to leave the group of neaderthals or 'The Clan' as the call themselves.

 Book 2. Continues her story as she survives on her own with no one but a horse and a lion cub for company for years until she saves a man of 'The Others' as her type of people are referred to by the Clan.
Again a big factor in this story is about how the two different cultures view each other as Ayla explains to the man she saved, where she came from and how she as a woman of The Clan is expected to behave.
The man (Jondalar)  is amazed to learn that his Neanderthal counterparts are human because most of his type of people consider them little more than animals.

Book 3. Concentrates on Ayla's re-intergration into society after many years living alone and how she has to face down a lot of unpleasantness because of her Clan upbringing.
Ayla is eventually adopted by the Mamutoi people who see past the name-calling and nastiness and recognise her for her many talents.

Book 4. Sees Ayla and Jondal travel across Europe to his home in what will become modern day France. All along their route they have to face up to mis-trust and narrow mindedness but they also meet many new and interesting people.

Book 5. Ayla has yet again to learn how to intergrate with a whole new people as Jondalars people are very different to the Mamutoi. Once again she faces bigotry at the hands of these new people because of her childhood but with the help of her new friends and family overcomes it.
Book 6. Is out on 29th March and I am so EXCITED about it!!!!

I dont want anyone to feel cheated because I've sort of glossed over the content of each book, but they are so amazing I'd recommend everyone rush out and buy them instead of me spoiling them by saying too much about what happens.

Happy reading and happy Monday for tomorrow.
Em xxxx


Kia said...

oooh, they sound very good :)
I'm very exsited for you about thi sbook coming out, I know how long you have waited for it :)

Mary Ann said...

I think I've read the series about three maybe four times...and I think I need to read them again:) I found all the herb lore very interesting too. Great books:)

Cheryl said...

Okay. You've got me interested. Another series to add to my list. Thanks for sharing!

Lucy said...

Ooh I've never heard of these, they sound really interesting. Sooo many books to read and so little time - watched some of the My Life in Books series yesterday and added about five more to my wishlist... argh!

Concetta said...

Oh always good to discover new books especially a series - will keep my eye out for it in the shops.