Sunday, 20 March 2011

Blah and Busy...

Hello blogiverse its been a while since I last I last posted because I've felt a bit blah...nothing really I could put my finger on just blah!!
And then inbetween the blah-ness I've been busy, busy, busy!!
I've been getting my crafty bits and bobs organised..I tend to take up an entire settee with all my bits so I got this trolley to try and free up some seats, it didn't wotk, I just have more stuff to hand to spread out all around me!!

 I've been busy making lots of little things!

And I've been enjoying saturday night craft at my Mums house!!

I better point out Jody made these not me, otherwise she might shout at me!!
  Hope everyone has had a great weekend.
Em xxxxx


bekimarie said...

Awwwwwww hope you're feeling better now hun!
Love the trolley idea..............fab, may just have to copy you there and your knitted hearts are lovely. I really do like them!

B xxx

bekimarie said...

Or are they crotcheted...............sorry xxx

VintageVicki said...

Whats the betting that trolly needs an extention soon??

Love both lots of hearts :)

crafty cat corner said...

Think it must be the long winter, so many people that I know feel the same, just not right, no energy. Lets hope the last few nice days bring us all back to normal.
What is the picture on the Ehrman tapestry, it looks interesting.
Missed you......

LaaLaa said...

I love the idea of the craft trolley, Em. I take up the whole settee too! I hope your weekend was good, my lovely friend. xxxxxx

Kandi said...

Sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit blahh, many people are like that at the minute ~ I hope it soon passes for you.
I need a trolley!
Kandi x

janis said...

Hey there Kiddo!
Cute cute cute projects! Those Hearts are adorable. Especially the one that says, "hugs" and the tiny hand buttons.
I too love the craft trolley! OMGosh! I need that!
Sergio keeps tripping over my tubs of baby clothes on my big project.
I might have to invest in a trolley!
Love to you Dear! Have a lovely week!

Maggie said...

The Ehrman tapestry looks interesting!

Jane and Chris said...

So, you think one trolley will be enough ?
Hope you feel better soon.
Jane x

Lucy said...

Lovely hearts - yours and Jody's! Love the idea pf a portable craft trolley hehe!

Kia said...

Momma, those crochet hearts look dudeing!!
Please can I have 1? Or 3??

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hi Em, hope you are feeling better soon darling xx

Both sets of hearts are fab - two clever peas there!!