Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bite Me!

So after my comments about keeping vampires away by eating lots of garlicky tapanade it seems quite a few of you have taken a shine to the bloodsuckers!!

So I've decided to post a few vampire pictres and take a vote on who you'd like to bite you the most!!!

1. Eric Northman - from 'True Blood'

Very popular choice in my family!

 2. Bill Compton - from 'True Blood'

The most well mannered vampire I've ever seen!
3. Edward Cullen - from The 'Twilight' saga.

Teenage girls and Twilight moms choice.
 4. John Mitchell - from 'Being Human'

My personal favourite.
5. David - from 'The Lost Boys' 

Looking for the retro vote!!
6. Louis and Lestat - from 'Interview With The Vampire'

For that Southern Creole vibe!
 7. Count Dracula - from Transylvannia and countless vampire films!

For the more mature ladies!!

So...who is your favourite?
 I'm off now to eat some more tapanade!
Em xxx


Clara said...

Well, I'm a little to old to be doing this but I'll go for the first guy but I really would not want him to bite me. I just think he is the best looking. How's that?

frou-frou said...

Hi there! What a good question! I would have said Bill Compton from the True Blood tv series but having just read all the Sookie Stackhouse books its taken from it's now Eric Northman!! If you've read the books I'm sure you'll understand ;o)

Fiona x

huana said...

I'm the Twilight fan so I would say Edward,but I love all the Cullens and wouldn't mind if anyone of them take a bite on me!

Lucy said...

Oh I'm not at all into the Current vampire thing - out of all those I'd go for Brad Pitt, he wrestles with it doesn't he and I like a bit of conscience! I prefer the werewolf one from Twilight :)

Lucy said...

Robert Pattinson will always be Cedric Diggory to me!

Maggie said...

All too pretty for me, even the last one!!!

Vintage Sea Muse said...

I'll give the sympathy vote for Christopher Lee because he's my childhood vampire, but, my favourite vampires of the moment are the True Blood guys! ... ;0)

Shirl xxx

Kandi said...

It's got to be David from the Lost Boys, I'm in the middle of watching the box set of 24 and have fallen in love with Jack Bauer (Kiefer).
Kandi x

Louise said...

My vote would have to go to mitchell - I rather like him, in being human and desperate romantics, plus I love an Irish Accent!

Jane and Chris said...

Ok ...I'll vote for #5 not because I think he is good looking, but with that hair cut I may be the only vote he gets!
Jane x
PS Clara....you're never too old!!!

janis said...

too creepy for me! I hate all this vampire craze! They freak me out & make me think they are plain out EVIL!
I will pass :)

bekimarie said...

Bill Compton looks quite tastey, however only having watched Twilight (so far) then it's going to have to be Edward for Me.
I really don't know what it is about him but there's definatley something ;o)

B xxx

Mousy Brown said...

Eric for me please - like frou-frou says if you've read the books you'll understand why!! MMMmmmm

Barbara Sheldon said...

My favs are Eric,Mitchell and David.

Neicee said...

Oh I am also a twilight Fan and Edward is the vampire for me..Dont get me started! Any of the Cullens!

Gnome said...