Saturday, 1 January 2011

How Was Your Festive Season? Mine Was Great!!!

Hello Blogland, I know I've not been around much recently but in the run up to Christmas and over Christmas week I really haven't had a minute to spare.
Or rather any spare minute I've had has been spent stuffing as much smelly cheese and chocolate as possible into my mouth!

Anyway I really hope everyone had a great christmas and that 2011 is a happy and peaceful year for everyone.
2009 and 2010 have both been hard years for me in various ways although theres been lots of good in amongst the bad so I'm really hoping 2011 is a thoroughly good year.

Did you all get some lovely gifts at christmas?
I didn't get loads this year as cash is short but imagine my surprise on christmas morning when I opened this...

to reveal a beautiful bracelet, and I moaned at the lack of Reeses peanut butter cups that my Mum brought me back from NYC...thanks Mum!

My girls bought me some great sounding new books, some beautiful earrings and the entire 'Hornblower' on DVD which I've wanted for ages so I'm looking forward to some great afternoons snuggled up on the setee watching it with my hooky in hand!

We spent christmas day together with the rest of our family and close friends, We hired a village hall and ate dinner there and spent the evening playing games and letting the kids (and some adults) scooter around the hall.

After all the excitement We headed home to watch 'Doctor Who' and get an earlyish night.

Boxing day and bank holiday monday were spent lazing about during the day and playing 'Just Dance' at night...

We had three university friends of Kias come to stay earlier this week as Kia turned 21 on Wednesday so it was yet another night of partying!!
Me, Scott and Mica killed ourselves preparing a good spread and my sister Ruby made a lovely chocolate birthday cake.
Yet another great time was had by all and I discovered just how deee-licious Crabbies alcoholic ginger beer is!!
By comparison our new year was very quiet after all the partying We'd done already, we had a couple of hours at my sisters party with some very nice nibbles then we came home to see the new year in with Kia and played Trivial Pursuit afterwards.

Anyway thats my festivities for you!!
I've got a great idea for a giveaway later this month which I'll be announcing in a week or so and of course I haven't done any book reviews in a while so I'll be back on that very soon too.

Happy 2011.
Love Em xxxxx


Taz said...

So you didn't think to get your girl a birthday badge then? LOL

Sounds like you've had a busy and fun festive season hon.

A very very Happy New Year to you my friend, here's to a good year xx

Diane said...

Just polishing off the smelly cheese as I type! What a social whirl! So glad you had a great time. xxxxx

bekimarie said...

WOW hunni.......... Tiffany, you lucky girl!
Happy New Year lovely, hewre's hoping it's a good one!

B xxx

Clara said...

Lovely presents, lots of fun with friends and family! What a wonderful time you had.

Wishing you much more of this in 2011!

Lauren said...

Glad you had a good Christmas + New Year - looks like you had fun! I'm so pleased you're reading Pillars and enjoying it! I saw someone reading it on the plane a few weeks ago and was desperate to talk to her about it but didn't want to look weird! xx

LaaLaa said...

Didn't you do well! Looks like you all had a great time. xxxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What a fab Christmas - hiring a hall! Hope 2011 is better than the last two years - it is also a new decade so the possibilities are fab! Happy New Year to you & yours! love Annie xx

Jane and Chris said...

PHE! You made me tired...need to lie down now. 2010 was pretty cr@p for us too. Here's to 2011!
Jane x

Kandi said...

Looks like a fab time was had by all, your bracelet is beautiful! I can't believe you have a 21 year old daughter, you must have been a child bride :)
Hugs Kandi x

wonderwoman said...

wow, sounds like a very hectic and lively Christmas - brilliant! Happy |New Year to you.

Maggie said...

Like the new photo of you on the blog!
Our Christmas and New Year were non-events... we celebrate neither! Which may make us sound like a couple of old curmudgeons, but that is so way off the mark. Just don't celebrate any more.

Cheryl said...

Wow. You guys know how to party. Love the idea of hiring a hall. Loads of room.

Hope you have a wonderful and happy 2011.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Firstly - how hot are you looking in your new profile pic!!!! Gorgeous!!!

Now the bumf: Thank you for joining my **MONTHLY MAKE 2011**. Please put a badge in you sidebar and when done also send me your email address for the Stanley pattern - TheFeltFairy @ (no gaps)with Stanley as the subject. The pattern will be sent out by mid feb! looking forward to 'making' with you! love Annie xx

bibbitybob said...

Looks like you had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year! x