Friday, 14 January 2011


Mica and Me have decided for a number of reasons to both become vegan.
We both have strong personal/moral reasons for this and also we believe the health benefits if we do it properly are great too.
I did this on a whim about 5 years ago for 7 months and gave up mostly because it was christmas and it was easier to eat as a regular meat/dairy eating person than having to cater for 1 vegan in a family of 5.

 This time I've gone into it a lot more prepared, I've researched recipes and bought ingredients, I've stocked up on herbs and spices to flavour our food and so far so good, although we're only 5 days in I'm finding it easy to live without meat, cheese, eggs etc
Mica is finding it harder when she's at college but she tries to remember to take something from home with her and also she drinks tea with milk and cannot get used to the taste of soya milk, milk is not an issue for me as I loathe the stuff anyway.

Its actually fun as well trying out lots of new recipes and modifying old ones, for instance a great family favourite is vegetable risotto and all I need to do is replace the butter and parmesan with dairy free spread and vegan parmesan and YAY!!!! vegan risotto.

This was a resounding success a few nights ago...marrow stuffed with mushrooms,peppers,onions and garlic then baked in the oven for an hour and served sliced with cous-cous.

So...if anyone has any recipes or ideas that they think I might be interested in I'd be really grateful for them!!

Have a lovely weekend.
Em xxxxx 


Jane and Chris said...

Woo hoo! Another vegan!! Hubby and me were vegetarian since 1986; becoming vegan in 2002. It really is easy to eat tasty food and not feel 'deprived'.We also do not use wool, silk, leather etc etc.
If you need any ideas/ help in veganising a recipe or need any questions answered feel free to ask.
Jane x

Aisyah Helga said...

Hi again Em, Could you please send me your mailing address? I'm your partner for the swap. Thanks!


Louise said...

That great! I've been a strict vegetarian since I was 10 and have had periods of veganism as an adult. I think it is a really healthy way to eat but I can't keep it up as I'm not good enough with food (born fussy).

Now I eat vegan where I can but still eat cheese. I have milk in my tea but don't really like it so happily use soya for cereals.

I always aim to make vegan cakes, however I have yet to find a good egg substitute and it's even harder as my boyfriend is wheat intolerant and it seems egg free and wheat free does not work in any recipe I have tried.

When I have a spare half hour I will have a look in my files and see what vegan recipes and websites I can share with you.

Diane said...

I think vegan cookery must be hard, but your recippes look really tasty. xxx

Pammy Sue said...

That looks delicious!

Filipa said...

Wow, good luck! I found that preparation is all that I really need! I'm not vegan nor vegetarian, but am trying to learn and cook and eat healthily, which , actually does mean eat a lot more vegetable meals and a lot less meat. It is just 'easy' to eat not properly, as in grab somehting real quick and stuff it down me, but found that I do have a lot more energy when eating properly. But yes, I have to plan my meals and go to shops more often and I do spend more money, but i figured it'll be worth it in the end :)

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

RESPECT comin at you!! A really good choice and I wish I had the drive to follow you!!

Lucy said...

I have David Bowie in my head now!

Veggie/vegan food always looks so colourful and appetising but I could never do it myself - good for you, hope it goes well! xx

Kia said...

i've found a vegan chocolate cake recipe i'll be trying out soon :)

Taz said...

That marrow reminds me of all the stuffed marrows we had to eat as kids. Dad had an allotment and we lived on vegetables all year round :)

Yeah MCR are great in concert, would love to have done it as a surprise for her but I'm not sure what excuse I could have given for the 2 and a half hour drive to get there. LOL

Louise said...

Hi again... I have dug out a couple of links, I've had lots of recipes from these two sites!


On the fat free vegan site, you can find a delicious chocolate orange bundt cake (I blogged it in Feb 2010) - that's the best vegan cake I have tried so far!

I have a recipe for vegan pancakes too - they turn out pretty much like non vegan pancakes - delicious! Let me know if you would like that recipe!

Also, type Colleen Patrick-Goudreau into amazon and you'll find a few vegan cookbooks that may be useful to you!

Hope all of that was helpful :)


Karen Roderick said...

Good for you Em, what a brilliant thing to do. I've been veggie for 23 years, and my 2 boys are veggie too. I'm not sure I'll ever become vegan, (although my youngest boy has soya products because diary aggrevates his eczema), but I think what you've done is amazing xxx

Louise said...

Glad you found the info I posted above useful!

I forgot to mention another great little book, you may know of it already but if not it's worth picking up. It's called the Animal Free Shopper - it's available here

It is basically one huge list of all the vegan friendly products you can find in the shops - not just food but cleaning products, toiletries, clothing. You can also search for vegan products on their online database here:

I do hope I'm not bombarding you with unwanted info, I'm just trying to be helpful!!

I was going to email you the pancake recipe and a couple of other things but can't find your email anywhere, so if poss would you let me know what your email address is? Thanks

Claire said...

Well done!
I've been vegan for about 3 years now and I don't really get spots anymore!
fatfreevegan is good
aswell as The PPK forums!

Good luck!