Monday, 4 July 2011

Summer Nights....

Hello Bloggies...
I know, I know..still not getting here as often as I'd like and my only excuse is that I've spent lots of time sat in the sun instead of in front of my PC, infact its only about an hour since I came in tonight. Sitting outside on balmy summer evenings is really one of my greatest pleasures...especially if its quiet and I can hear all those nice 'night time' sounds, I hope some one else knows what I mean instead of thinking like most people do..'listen the mad woman's rambling again'!!!

Anyways what I wanted to show you was this sewing/tapestry frame that Kia got for me for £2 in our local charity shop!!!

 I did have some difficulty getting my tapestry on it nice and tight because the little lozenges that are meant to hold it in place kept popping off....but because the frame has holes almost all the way around it I just stitched it into place!!

Anyway I've not done anywhere near enough of my tapestry so hopefully having it in its frame on view will motivate me into picking it up and doing more than a few stitches!
One last thing, does anyone keep or has in the past kept an art journal?
I'm really interested in keeping/making one myself and just wondered if anyone had any tips they could share???

Enjoy the sunshine.
Em xxxx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Kid With A New Toy....

I missed the boat when it comes to smart phones...I've only recently got around to getting myself one after dismissing them for the past 18 months or so...

 I insisted that as I have 2 decent cameras I really didn't need a phone with one on too,
I had no need of a phone that doubled up as an MP3 player as I've had my trusty iPod for years and why on earth would I want the internet on my phone when I have a perfectly good PC for that (even if it did bugger up on me recently).
So god knows how I ended up with one...but I did because my poor old mobile was on its last very weary legs and WOOOOO HOOOOO I am just like a kid with a new toy!

I listen to endless music, check facebook, Tweet, read the news, check in at every single location I go to (including my bed!!) and best of all I've installed loads of photo apps so that I can take pictures and do all sorts of weird and wonderful things with them.

 As you can see...all sorts of cool effects, sparkly, smudgy, dreamy, faded retro and instamatic!
As a friend pointed out recently, We have the technology now to create such amazing images that the 'in' thing to do is make them look old and a bit washed out or faded!

 Anyways I'm off to take advantage of the nice weather by eating al fresco,hope everyone else has a lovely weekend.
Em xxxxxxx


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Saturday Coffee Morning Craft Stall.

We have a coffee morning with craft and other types of stalls every third saturday of the month in our village and this weekend it was in aid of PACT ....and everyone helped to raise lots of money for them.
There was an auction, a raffle and pledging money for singers to sing requests for them!!
Me and Evie ran our little craft stall and had a great time chatting to everyone and listening very enviously to the amazing singers!

 You'll have to excuse my really,really bad photography but I've just got a new phone and I'm still figuring out the camera....I think in future I'll just take my trusty old snapper along with me!
Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.
Em xxxxx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Busy Month and Broken Computers!!

I know I've not been around for a while but I've had a poorly PC...don't really know what was wrong with it except that it wouldn't connect to the internet. So I got the broken lead on Evies laptop replaced and thought...'YAY back online' only for the same thing to happen again!
Anyways I'm pretty much sure its working again for all of our computers.
So in the past month...I've been really really busy, I've had a stall at various craft fairs around south and west Yorkshire, so I've had to make all sorts of little things to sell.

 As well as that I've been comissioned to crochet a huuuuuuge granny square blanket and I've been making little chicks and fried egg keyrings for These Lovely People so its been a very busy past few weeks for me.

 Anyway thats all from me for now
Hoping to be back again very soon...barring all PC emergencies!!
Em xxxxx

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Center Parcs.

I'm back and recovered from my monday-friday break at Center Parcs!
I had an absolutely brilliant time, even if I am more than a little saddle sore, after not riding a bike for about 15 years until last week!!
A good bit of my bike riding was done with a kiddy-car attached to the bike and my three year old nephew Elliott shouthing 'Faster faster Aunty Emma'.

I also indulged in lots of swimming which is always a favourite for me on any holiday, just a shame I didn't get the sunbathing in too!!
Poor Evie suffered a little as she's only recently learnt to ride a bike and she took a couple of tumbles from hers, hence the rathe rather fetching bruise on her chin and the huge monster bruise on her thigh!!

 There was loads of wildlife about...we had ducks waddle across our patio numerous times, a moorhen visited alot, scores of rabbits front and back and squirrels everywhere!!

The only bit of the week that didn't go to plan was the crafty evenings...I was so tired I managed to crochet one square for a big blanket I'm currently working on and thats it!
Anyway I had a brill time and We're already planning a return visit in the autumn hopefully.

Em xxxx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Happy Birthday Evie.

I cant believe it's a whole year since I blogged about my youngest daughter Evie turning 8 and her We are again celebrating her 9th birthday...
The day passed in a blur of Wii games, Dr Who, Hello Kitty and Phineas and Ferb.

Evie declared it her best birthday ever, but I'm sure she said that last year and I'm sure she'll say it again next year!
We had a small buffet tea for close family as she's having her party on sunday in our local pet shop!
I think I'm looking forward to long as there's no tarantula handling involved!!!

And then next week we're off to Centre Parcs for a 5 day break, I can't wait 5 whole lovely relaxing days...lots of swimming and cycling during the day I hope and lots of crochet and films in the evenings...sounds like bliss to me!!!

Take care
Em xxxx

Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Right Royal Garden Party!

I swore I wasn't going to waste my day yesterday watching the royal wedding on TV...but like I suspect millions of other people I sat down for a few minutes quick viewing and ended up sat for over 4 hours glued to the TV screen!!

Then We spent the rest of the afternoon at my friends 'Dress as Royalty' garden party , dressed obviously as royalty!!
 As soon as Evie found out she would be expected to dress up as a princess she decided to be a zombie princess!
So after worry about wrecking one her nice dresses by 'zombiefying' it I remembered her ruined bridesmaid dress from Ruby's wedding last summer..
Hey presto..a few more holes and rips and a lot of red food colouring and there it was the perfect zombie princess royal wedding party dress!!

Zombie Princess Evie!!

Punky Princess Hermione and Zombie Princess Evie!
Hope you all had a lovely day whatever you did.
Em xxx


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Long Time..No See.....

I know its been forever since I last blogged..over a month ago!
But I've been soooo busy I've really not had more than a nano-second to think about blogging.
So here's whats been happening in the world of Garden Peas and Fleas since I last saw you all...
Myself, my mum, my sister and my friend Grania decided to start our own little business selling handmade things at craft fairs along with some gift items we bought from a local wholesalers....

And so far its been a hectic but fun time for us all!
Between us we have an abundance of handmade goodness including cards, soap, felt items, crochet and knitting.
We've done three fairs so far and We've made a good profit!

 As well as the fairs I've been on a reading frenzy and I've read over 10 books since my last post, plus Kia was home for a fortnight for her easter holiday and was unwell for most of the second week and when she went home she didn't even manage a week back in Aberdeen before coming home again for another week.

On easter Saturday I went on a Chicken Keeping course and found myself a confirmed chicken-hater being converted...I just never realised just how interesting chickens could be and how friendly they are and what interesting personalities they fact I'm thinking about getting some in the near future!

The course was held by this lady Jody Fendick if  you're at all interested in keeping chickens or do already but want some advice etc I'd thoroughly recommend it.
The rest of easter was a blur of parties, barbecues and nice hearty meals.
Evie has enough chocolate this year to rival Thorntons!
But sadly today school and college are back and its back to reality for us all.

Em xxxx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ehrmann Tapestries.

A few people have commented on the Ehrmann tapestry in one of the photos on my last post so I thought I'd post a picture of what it will look like when its finished!
Its my sister Jody who is doing this one although in the picture you can see my daughter Mica having a go at it.
Then theres this one which I am making painfully s-l-o-o-o-w progress with.

And this little beauty sat here unopened waiting for Kia to come home from university and get stitching!!
Hope everyone is enjoying a little bit of spring time at long last...its been absolutely beautiful here this past few days!
Em xxxxx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Blah and Busy...

Hello blogiverse its been a while since I last I last posted because I've felt a bit blah...nothing really I could put my finger on just blah!!
And then inbetween the blah-ness I've been busy, busy, busy!!
I've been getting my crafty bits and bobs organised..I tend to take up an entire settee with all my bits so I got this trolley to try and free up some seats, it didn't wotk, I just have more stuff to hand to spread out all around me!!

 I've been busy making lots of little things!

And I've been enjoying saturday night craft at my Mums house!!

I better point out Jody made these not me, otherwise she might shout at me!!
  Hope everyone has had a great weekend.
Em xxxxx

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Cookery Bookery

In view of my renewed interest in cookery and my constant quest to find new and interesting ways to liven up my vegan diet, I thought it was about time I started to write down all these recipes in a book rather than on the backs of envelopes or letters home from from school!

So I finally put this little beauty that my girls bought me for christmas cute is it!

 Another thing I've done is pull out all my cook books to have a look through them and see what recipes I like the sound of that can be easily veganised, and although I haven't actually looked at any of them yet I did find this...

This was my Grandma's, and whilst flicking through it there are so many recipes I remember from my childhood.
My  Grandma was one of those old ladies who always had a tin full of home baking ready for when you visited...these 'maids of honour' were always a popular choice at her house!

 Also hidden away in the BeRo book I found this recipe for parsnip soup, which was a little bit poignant because its my Grandmas handwriting and she died almost 8 years ago and I still miss her.

 But never the less She has left me with a delicious sounding and simple to make soup which I will try out very soon and report back!

Em xxxx