Friday, 3 December 2010

Advent Swap Day 3...and a Houseguest.

Wow its the 3rd of December already...its going by so quickly!
Today I opened this little beauty.

As soon as I begun to open it I could smell it and as coconut is one of my favourite scents I was very happy with this.
I don't know how I'll ever be able to bring myself to use it though..its just so sweet.

My Mum is a very lucky lady at the moment, She is in New York with my sisters Jody and Hermione, they left from Leeds airport where there was lots of deep, cold snow yesterday morning and arrived in NYC which is apparently unseasonably warm at the mo!!
Anyways in exchange for some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups I agreed to look after my Mums very lively little dog Harry.

Here he is...don't be fooled by those big sad puppy eyes, he is a demon.
I took him to the shop last night (it was an emergency dash for crisps and chocolate) and he sat outside and barked at everyone and everything the whole time I was in the shop.
I could see everyone looking at him and tutting etc and the lady behind the counter commented to me that she had no idea who he belonged to and she sounded oh-so disapproving...I had to admit he was with me...aaaaargh the embarrassment of being in charge of the naughtiest dog in South Yorkshire.
He is quite endearing in his own way and for some reason Coco likes him and she's usually less tolerant than me!!

Em xxxx


PootleFlump said...

that coconut pressie looks wonderful and poochie looks so cute!! X

Clara said...

He does have a cute little face!

Bethany said...

I'm an hour from New York City and it HAS been unseasonably warm. It sure got chilly this evening, though.
Your lovely gifts are making me wish I had taken part in Laa Laa's swap.

Kathy said...

Well, he looks cute! Your gifts are lovely!
from Kathy xxx

Lucy said...

Aww, Harry looks like he has a perm! Did you admit he was WITH YOU then hastily add that he's NOT YOURS?! I bet you did!

I have a friend in New York whose facebook status said somethng about a snowman today...??

Jacey said...

Oh how can that cute little pooch be a demon, he looks adorable!!xx

LaaLaa said...

Harry is too cute! I knew you'd love that soap! xxxxxx

Diane said...

Lovely pressies - I cant believe that cute little chap is such a rogue. xxxx

wonderwoman said...

its always the cute ones who are the naughtiest!!!

Lauren said...

I would say that if you were gonna read the book and watch the tv programme, then I'd watch the tv programme first because at least then you can't be disappointed when you read the book! And it was actually really well cast as well - they were just as I imagained (except Tom Builder but I'll let that one go!). Misfits was brilliant; I got teary too! Poor Kelly and Bruno :( Nathan is fab though, love him. Can't believe it's the final one next week - I'm gonna miss it cuz I'll be in Morocco. I'll catch up on 4OD but I hope they wrap some stuff up - I wanna know what happens with Simon and Alisha! Sorry, long comment! xx