Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Advent Swap Day 1.

Well here it is the 1st of December!!
Yay!! its nearly christmas!!!
Eeeek I'm nowhere near organised...I have 2 presents bought so far!

Anyway today was the start of Laa Laa's advent swap, which is the most exciting advent thing I've done since..well since I last had an advent calendar of my own.

So without further ado I present gift number 1...modelled unopened by my nephew Elliott and opened by Evie.

Yummy German gingerbread...mmmmmmm sent by my swap partner Laa Laa.
And you'd all be proud of me because I distracted the children long enough to hide it away from them!!
I've since eaten it and yes I did share it...I just wanted to enjoy my share with a hot cup of coffee.

Keep cosy.
Em xxxxx


mad about bags said...

that looks so yummy!! i love this advent swap idea!!! off to show you what i got now!!!

Kandi said...

Wow how great is that gingerbread ~ I probably wouldn't have shared :)
Kandi x

Clara said...

Oh, that looks good!

Kia said...

you could have left me some Mum


LaaLaa said...

I'm glad you liked it! I wish I'd have bought myself one now. xx

Serenata said...

That is certainly one lovely gingerbread, I bet it was yummy.

Just opened day two and I have some lovely Christmas puddings to hang up.

Sarah said...

Looks yummy x