Friday, 26 November 2010

Snail Mail Swap.

I recently took part in the interesting 'Snail Mail ' swap arranged by Em at Mousy Brown's House. If you've never looked at this blog before I really recommend nipping over there now to check out Em's amazingly inspirational crafting and her beautiful photography.

Anyway back to the swap...Em requested a swap partner for each month of the year and an idea of what We would like to swap, I requested november as I knew I'd be away on holiday in october and I wanted to make the main part of my swap some treasures I'd found in Tunisia.

I tried hard to stay away from what I'd call 'touristy tat' for my swap parcel although as always I managed to bring plenty of it back to clutter up my house even more.
I bought bits and pieces in shops in the non touristy parts of town and the soap was sold 'under the counter' by a young man at our hotel handmade by his mother!

Em sent me one of her amazing papercuts...I think if you look closely you can see the absolutely incredible detail on it!

 I'm now trying desperately to find a frame that does it justice!!
After telling Em I liked to travel and hated to be cold she thought the warm welcoming sight of a fire would cheer me up!!!
There was also some beautiful crochet flowers which Evie appropriated to hang in her bedroom!

And a lovely lovely card with hydrangeas on the front which just happen to be one of my most favourite flowers.
What can I say but 'thank you' to Em for organising such a fun and unique swap.
Also I have to say thank you to her for sending me some photos of my parcel that I sent to my hurry to get it sent (chaotic and dis-organised as ever) I forgot to take any pictures and I really can't take credit for such beautiful photography.

Have a nice weekend.
Em xxx


Clara said...

More goodies in the mail. I really like seeing what you take part in. I also feel a bit sad my parcel to you is taking so darn long but it will get there. Sue got her squares when I sent them regular post so they'll show up.

Pammy Sue said...

That paper cutting is too cool! Love it.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh yes, loving that paper cut pic. Must check out that blog.

Have a great w/end.

LaaLaa said...

Ooh, lovely parcel! The paper cut is gorgeous. xxxxxxxx

Louise said...

Thanks for the comment you left for me. Dave was not confident with the driving (which came as a surprise) so took longer than he should have really. Also, living 50 miles apart meant that I couldn't take him out for extra practise which would have helped so it may well be cheaper if you have someone that could help and don't need as many lessons as Dave did! Good luck with it anyway if you do go for it!


Taz said...

What lovely parcels :) Did you get snow yet petal? We've got more than enough up here.

Mousy Brown said...

You'll make me big headed! Thank you for all the lovely comments and all the gorgeous goodies...I loved 'meeting' you through our swap :D Take care in the ice and try and keep warm (-10 here today brrrr)Em xx