Monday, 8 November 2010

Rainy November...

My first November post and its a dull, dreary day with lots of freezing cold rain and icy wind.
This past week our whole household has taken it in turn to feel bleeeeuuurghh so none of us have felt much like doing anything.
I've spent most of the week reading (I'll post more on that in the next day or so).
Infact yesterday was the first time I picked up a crochet hook in over a week.

I hope everyone had a fun bonfire night, We all felt well enough to go to the bonfire and fireworks display in Penistone, where Mica was working in her capacity as a volunteer for 'Penistone FM' a local community radio station where she is a presenter.

Mica taking a few minutes off from her radio duties!

Who dosen't love fireworks?

Afterwards We nipped into Tesco and bought pie and peas and rocky road cheesecake for tea...mmmm yum!!

One last thing, I'm sorry but I'm having to re-enable the word security thingy again, but I am getting so many anonymous comments and some are rather distasteful so in an attempt to stop them I'm putting the security back on.

Em xxxx


The English Writer said...

I love Bonfire Night! Your pics are lovely, and you're right about the dull cold weather, and son;t you think it's happened all of a sudden? xx

Clara said...

November can sure deal out the weather as we are seeing here. We've had a bit of everything but mostly rain of late.

I hope you have a great week ahead!

Diane said...

So have they built the new contreversial Tesco then? I do think it will be the end for all the lovely little shops in Penistone. Bonfire looks great. xxxx

wonderwoman said...

you should be here this morning - its hammering down, blowing a gale and freeeeezing - roll on summer!

Maggie said...

How rotten that people put distasteful comments on your blog, I never heard of this happening before. And such cowards too, since the only way they feel safe airing their not-so-pleasant views is anonymously. Love bonfire night...and the idea of pie and peas has made my tummy rumble!

Maggie said...

How rotten that people leave distasteful comments on your blog. Such cowards, if the only way they can air their not so pleasant views, is anonymously.
Love bonfire night... and the idea of pie and peas even more!!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Good to hear from you sweetie - I must stop writing rude things on peoples blogs though! lol!

Loving the chilly weather and the dark nights - ideal pie & peas weather xx

Sue said...

Hope you are all feeling better, I'm sure the rocky road cheesecake helped!