Sunday, 14 November 2010


I've been really busy recently with crochet mainly but as its for various swaps and christmas presents I thought I'd keep the pictures secret for now.
So...what else have I been doing?
Not a right lot because the weather has been so so cold I haven't wanted to venture out more than necessary.
But yesterday morning We had to go to Pinderfields Hospital (Scott had an appointment about a painful knee) and Evie and I thought We'd tag along and go walking in the park afterwards.
So whilst we were waiting in the car we spied these guys, there were four of them that we could see and they were absolutely fascinating to watch!!

The walk never materialised it was just far to cold so we went to Sainsburys and bought crusty bread, fancy ham and the nicest homous in the world!
Hope you've all had a nice 'n' toasty warm weekend.
Em xxx


Kia said...

well not really Mum, its really cold in Scotland!!
I would quite like a snow suit for christmas please!!

VintageVicki said...

Ah squirrels - I have mixed feelings on them. Whilst they are cute to watch - they also attempt to destroy my bird feeders and one once wrecked a bird table whilst we watched in horror!!

Diane said...

Shame you didnt go to Cannon Hall - I wonder if we would have recognised each other? We will have to have a meet up. xxxxx

Valula said...

I love being wrapped up warm and snug inside on these cold days...especially when we have a good project and a nice fire to keep us company x

Maggie said...

Love the photos. It made my day when one appeared in our garden a couple of years ago.

wonderwoman said...

great pics - its freezing here this morning - everything white and crisp! Better get the woodburner going!

Jane and Chris said...

AAARGH! Grey squirrels!
We have the little red ones here, but in the towns they have grey ones (which are actually black in colour).The grey squirrels are much more aggressive. I am sure I can see a flick knife tucked in that squirrel's tail!
Jane x

Kelly said...

I love squirrels!, they remind me of my Nan xx

Taz said...

I agree with your Kia, it's bloody freezing up here! LOL

Pammy Sue said...

Hello ~ Found your blog by clicking on your name in the comments over at Sucrette's blog. Love your book reviews. Weird that I had just started reading The Help last night. Now I can't wait to read Little House.

Stop by and visit if you get a chance. I'm Following.

Clara said...

Sounds like you made the most of your day. I like squirrels too.