Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Cold Then Cosy!

We finally got our share of snow today and Evie had a day off from school, she spent a good few hours this morning building a snowman with her friends and running about in the snow.
Then later on just before sunset I went for a walk with her. First we went to look at her snowman but some mean spirited misery had knocked it down and put a cigarette out on it.
So we carried on up to the field at the top of the hill where we live and Evie had a good run about in lovely untouched snow!!

Later on Evie and Mica went sledging with some friends and came home looking like two snowmen as the snow was falling thick and fast again, I think We've had about 6 inches of it this evening!!

Whilst they were out sledging I got some good hooky time in and finished this big piece of snuggliness!!

Evie and Coco snuggled up together until bedtime!!

Keep cosy.
Em xxxxx


Bethany said...

I'm jealous of you all with your snow and your coziness and your lovely pictures! It's been unseasonably warm here--not Christmassy at all.

lemondedesucrette said...

Hello Emma,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
Is this the blanket you're talking about in the comment? the granny one? OOOh it looks beautiful in this pic! Waiting for more pics;)
Have a wonderful day!

Lucy said...

Sorry to hear about Evie's snowman! :( But impeccable timing on the blanket-finishing though :)

RoMashKa said...

Blankets are great!

Jill said...

Your new blankie looks lovely :0)

Keep warm and cosy.

The Girl said...

Why do people knock snowmen down? Why? WHY?! It's just so HORRIBLE.

Nothing quite like untouched snow to bring out the child in us.

Very jealous of your hooky action, that's a whole lot of granny square you've got going on there!

Kandi said...

Your blanket is beautiful and perfect for snuggling under at the minute. The kids just love the snow we have a headless snowman in our garden he is a little unsettling!
Kandi x

Diane said...

Thanks for tipping me off about the book - I'll have to have a look for it. Yep, too much snow here too. xxxx

Valula said...

Poor Evie! Some people are just horrible aren't they!

Enjoy your coziness :-)

Cheryl said...

Proper snow. It is so cold here that we still have our patchy snow on the ground. I hope Evie and her friends make another snowman. Stay warm and enjoy the snowy sight.

Jane and Chris said...

I wish I felt so enthusiastic about snow....but cuddling with a cat and a blanky sounds good to me!
Jane x

The English Writer said...

Gorgeous pics Em, the snow looks beautiful, just as it should fluffy and untouched. Glad you had a lovely (and snuggly)day x

Taz said...

Some people are just plain mean, I remember one year in our old house some horrible specimen kicked down big one's snowman that was in our front garden. I can only hope karma kicked their arse in return.

Your blanket looks lovely and cosy, keep warm hon there's more snow on the way xx