Friday, 29 October 2010

Two Parcels.

I'm so behind with my blog at the moment, I really should have posted about the wonderful parcel I recieved from Michela over at  A Garden Just Outside Venice, We were swap partners in the recent Pumpkin Patch Swap.

Wowee what a pile of goodies!!
These delicious chocs didn't last long!!
 What an amazing treasure trove of lovlies she sent to me...thank you so much Michela!

And then this morning I got another lovely surprise a parcel from Beki over at The Ramblings Of An Everyday Mummy.  We were partners in Bekis recent pincushoin swap.

Had to hide these from the Gruesome Twosome!!

This lavender stuffed cushion is far too nice to stick pins in..I think it will be scenting a basket or drawer in my bedroom soon!
 I had Hermione visiting for the day and I'd promised her and Evie a day of sewing so their eyes lit up when I unwrapped this package...but mean old me I put the lovlies well out of their reach!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
Em xxx


Bethany said...

I must begin involving myself in swaps--they always look fun. Your goodies are sweet!

bekimarie said...

Glad it arrived safely hun and you like it!
Have a great weekend!

B xxx

p.s will write our letter whilst away next week

Valula said...

What lovely swaps!

And, never mind the were giving the girls a sewing lesson, which is a gift for life :-)

Happy days

Clara said...

So nice to get. My parcel will be a little longer since I did not use priority post but be patient. Don't you just love the lavender?

Diane said...

Lovely swaps! Its like Christmas - but just for you!! xxxxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I so love opening swap parcels! You had a lovely lot of swag - lucky thing! xx

Green thumb said...

Hi Em,
I blogged about your parcel too! Now it's time to play with the lovely goodies you sent me, he he...Happy Halloween!