Sunday, 24 October 2010

More From Tunisia

We saw some amazing sights on our recent trip to Tunisia, one of which was the ancient and very holy walled city of Kairouan.
Apparently four trips to Kairouan is the equivalent of one pilgramage to Mecca!!
Because Kairouan isn't as touristy as some other places We visited We got to visit a Medina that wasn't full of shops selling the usual gifts for tourists.

Kairouan Medina.

The Great Mosque.

                                                 Evie taking a break.

Then We carried on to the Roman ampitheatre at El Jem, this was just the most amazing place I have ever visited, the atmosphere here was palpable. At first it was a little bit of excitement because We knew some of the film Gladiator had been filmed there then We go to thinking about the real history of the place, most especially when We went down to where the cells were.

Lunch opposite the ampitheatre.

Inside El Jem ampitheatre.

One of the corridors leading to the terraces where the audience sat.

Down below where the prisoners were kept before let out to fight.

El Jem town at sunset.

El Jem at sunset.
 After El Jem We went to visit our friends in Ksour Essaf and had a delicious Tunisian meal.Both Evie and myself got henna tattoos from our friend Monia and despite the language barrier (We speak poor French and no Arabic, they speak poor English) We all had a great evening with lots of laughs and didn't get back to our hotel until the early hours!!

Evie,Adel,Asmar,Laila and Saida.

Having our hands bound up for 2 hours whilst the henna coloured our fingers and palms.

Lots of laughs!

Evie's henna tattoos.
 I'll be back soon with some holiday book reviews and a delicious parcel I recieved last week.
Em xxx


LaaLaa said...

Lovely post, Em. Evie's hands look beautiful. I've always wanted to have that done. I hope you had a good weekend. xxx

Bethany said...

That's a pretty neat trip you had there!

Little Messy Missy said...

I am so the Henna!!!

Green thumb said...

I didn't know you had to have your hands bound up for such a long time!
Thank you for sharing more lovely snippets of your holiday!

Mousy Brown said...

I am so behind with my blog reading! Wow it looks like you had such a wonderful time - the colours and light are stunning. Love the henna patterns and that international friendships work around the language barriers. Love all the Halloween stuff too - glad it wasn't me washing it off afterwards! :D