Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hello...I'm Dying to meet you!

Happy Halloween everyone!
I love halloween and I'm glad it seems to be getting more popular here in the UK.
I love all the silly scariness, the weird and wonderful costumes , that you get to eat some disgusting looking things that taste delicious and most of all because its only 4 weeks until my birthday!
This crawled out of its grave earlier and came to visit us!

An Undead Warrior!
 Now guess who has the unenviable task of removing all the make-up and getting all the knots out of her hair!
Em xxx


LaaLaa said...

Wow! She looks fantastic! I hope she got lots of lovely goodies. xxxx

michelle said...

Oh wow!! she looks fabulous:)

Good luck getting the knots out:-/

Luckily both my boys were allergic to face paints!! But I did have - ummm help? cut all the pumpkins out, this was at least 3 each!!!

I miss it now though:(

Have given you an Award on my Blog if you would like to claim it:)

Michelle x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

WOW! What a scary looking goul! Don't envy you the clean-up though!

Are you a scorpio like me??

Jane and Chris said...

Jane x

Taz said...

I hear you on the make up removal and deknotting. My make up removal is now depleted LOL

Taz said...

#make up remover even. So tired from all that trick and treating that I've lost the ability to spell. :)

lemondedesucrette said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog and for the nice comment :)

The Girl said...

AAah those undead warriors. Always need of a good hairdresser.

(I haven't read The Help but it is on my shelf waiting to be read!)

The English Writer said...

Ha ha ha! Brilliant! I love Halloween too, even pre-children, and this year me and the kids even got daddy carving Jack o Lantern's!!! x

Little Messy Missy said...

Looking for brains???? Love the zombies!