Saturday, 30 October 2010

Festering Scabs and Mouldy Pumpkin!

Sounds lovely eh???
Evie made some buns today, they are green with blood red icing, topped with white sprinkles and chopped up winegums which are all meant to look like horrendous festering scabs....honestly though they taste delicious!

Scabby buns.
 Scott carved a pumpkin for Evie on Wednesday and today I noticed its features looked a bit worn out and sunken.On closer inspection it had hairy mould in its nose and eye sockets and definitely had an over-ripe aroma to it...its now residing in our bin and We've resorted to this guy (who I much prefer anyway).

Say Cheese.
Couldn't resist a picture of these two guys either!
 Happy Halloween everyone and take care if you're out trick or treating tomorrow night.
Em xxx


Taz said...

Cool cakes! And as a long time lover of skulls, loving them too. x

Clara said...

Lots of great Halloween preparation at your place! Have a great weekend.

Jane and Chris said...

Hi,Em! Totally fab hair, my I say!!
Thanks for stopping by to say Heellloooo! At last, soemone who thinks like me (or do I think like you) ...nope I am older so YOU think like ME!!!
Anyhooooo I love your blog too!
The Adrian Mole book...must add to my Christmas list. I remember in the 80s travelling by train and reading Adrian Mole....and I got the giggles...yup ! everyone in my carriage staring at me...the more they stared the more I laughed...ah good times.
See you soon!
Jane xx (Maple Syrup Mob)

LaaLaa said...

Those cakes look yummy! Well, you know what I mean! xxxxxxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Yum Yum Pigs Bum! They look yummy and the skulls are fab!