Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bookworm Weekly - Some Grown Up Faves.

I've decided to blog weekly or as near to weekly as I can about my reading habits, books I love/hate etc etc.
I was going to start a whole new blog for this purpose but decided against it as I know I'll just never ever keep on top of two blogs however good my intentions might be!
So for tonight I thought I'd talk about three of my all time favourite books.

1. My Third placed book of all time is Louis De Berniéres amazing 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' 
My sister recommended this book to me years ago and I struggled to get through the first 100 or so pages...but I'm glad I did, it is one of the most touching and poignant stories I've ever read.
I remember sitting reading it on a bus home one sunday lunchtime and suddenly realising that everyone else on the bus could see the tears streaming down my face.
The ending to this story is so bitter sweet, happy but heart breakingly sad...definitely one to persevere with if the initial 100-120 pages drag on and on.
Just a small note though...whilst the book is amazing the film is one of the biggest wastes of my time ever...if you've seen the film and not read the book please don't judge it by the appalling-ness of the film.

2. My Second favourite book of all time is Maeve Binchy's rather lovely 'Light A Penny Candle'.
The funny/sad/happy/tragic story of Aisling and Elizabeth.
Quiet mousey Elizabeth is sent to live with Aisling and her large loud family in small town Ireland during WW2, this begins the tale of their lifelong friendship.
The tales of Elizabeth and Aislings exploits as children made me laugh, but their lives as they grow up and begin to take on adult responsibilities sometimes brought tears to my eyes.
I loved the character Aisling and her irrepressible spirit so much that I gave one of my daughters the middle name Aisling.

3. My all time numero uno favourite book in the whole wide world ever is Kathleen Winsors bodice rippingly brilliant 'Forever Amber'.
This is a historical romance set during the restoration of Charles II.
Orphaned Amber St Clare sets about working her way up to the very highest place in society...the kings mistress, but all she ever truly wants is the love of the one man she can't have,because he dosen't want her!
This book takes in the restoration, the plague of 1665, the great fire of London and uses them all to great effect.
Published way back in 1944 this book was banned in 14 US states because of its 'extreme pornographic content', believe me you'll see more porn on Emmerdale than in this book!
And of course because its a historical tale there are lots of references to real people who lived at court during this period which made it doubly fascinating for me!

I'd really love to hear if anyone else has read these books and their opinions of them.
Em xxxx


Kandi said...

You know I once started Captain Crelis Mandolin but didn't get very far into it before giving up - I think I might give it another go ~ thanks.
Kandi x

Diane said...

I loved Captain Correlli too - its like marmite though - people either love or hate it. It had me captivated from the first page where the doctor removes the pea from the chaps ear! I did like the film too - but the film is just one tiny part of the story from the book - a film true to the book would have gone on for days!xxx

Jill said...

I absolutely loved Captain Corelli's Mandolin (it was recommended to me by a guy at work who'd seen me reading Blackbird by Sebastian Faulk). My brother (who is very hard to please bookwise) didn't seem to think it was much cop though, which utterly surprised me, as I thought it was really well written. It was the same with the Life of Pi by Yann Martel - I loved it, he didn't rate it.

I've not heard of the Kathleen Winsor book - I love reading historical novels, so I'll file this one away in my brain somewhere as a must read.

Jill x

Lucy said...

I need to stop reading posts about books - my to read pile is ridiculous. I've had CCM on my shelf for YEARS but it's never appealed, might have to give it a go soon...

Maggie said...

I couldn't get on with Captain Corelli, it sits on my shelf in it's lovely cover, and one day....
I have all of Maeve Binchy's books, and 90% of them have a personal note inside from her as she was a great encouragement to me when I was first writing fiction. I used to buy her books, and then write to her and she always took the time to reply. 'Light A Penny Candle' is one of my favourites too.
And I read Forever Amber decades ago now and loved it. I have an old copy still, it's one I know I will try and get around to re-reading before too long. There is a DVD of it I believe.
For once, a blog about books that doesn't have me scribbling down the names in my 'books I would like to buy' notebook!#
Thanks for the memories, as they say!

The Girl said...

I love a bit of bookworm action! I persevere with my monthly book posts but will be dropping them after the end of the year because they hardly ever get comments on them!

I've really struggled with Louis de Bernieres and have plodded my way through a few of them, I just don't like his writing style at all and it's just too much of a slog.

I've never read any Maeve Binchey, despite my Mum having all of them, I've grown up surrounded by them!

Never heard of Kathleen Windsor - will be writing that one down and adding it to the lengthy list of 'Books I want to read'!

Amanda said...

Hi Em! My experience with Captain Corelli was exactly the same as yours. I took it on a family camping trip and only persevered through the beginning because I had nothing else with me! Then I was so riveted that no one could get any sense out of me! My then husband was really cross with me and I didn't even care....I just wanted to read. The writing was on the wall.... Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Sue said...

I read Forever Amber years ago, can't remember the story but I know I enjoyed it at the time. One of my daughters read Captain Correlli for GCSE she thought the book was great and the film rubbish.
Where did you get your Ladybird note book, it's great. I would love to get one myself.
Sue x

Kathy said...

Captain Corelli - loved the book, hated the film. I had a completely different Antonio in my
I also liked Light a Penny Candle, but then I like most Maeve Binchy books. My favourite is Firefly Summer.
Love Kathy xxx

Lauren said...

I'm definitely going to give Captain Corelli a go after your little review - it sounds lovely. My favourite book of all time is Pillars of the Earth. I'm so excited it's going to be on tv on Saturday, even though I know there is no way it'll be as good as the book!