Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hello...I'm Dying to meet you!

Happy Halloween everyone!
I love halloween and I'm glad it seems to be getting more popular here in the UK.
I love all the silly scariness, the weird and wonderful costumes , that you get to eat some disgusting looking things that taste delicious and most of all because its only 4 weeks until my birthday!
This crawled out of its grave earlier and came to visit us!

An Undead Warrior!
 Now guess who has the unenviable task of removing all the make-up and getting all the knots out of her hair!
Em xxx

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Festering Scabs and Mouldy Pumpkin!

Sounds lovely eh???
Evie made some buns today, they are green with blood red icing, topped with white sprinkles and chopped up winegums which are all meant to look like horrendous festering scabs....honestly though they taste delicious!

Scabby buns.
 Scott carved a pumpkin for Evie on Wednesday and today I noticed its features looked a bit worn out and sunken.On closer inspection it had hairy mould in its nose and eye sockets and definitely had an over-ripe aroma to it...its now residing in our bin and We've resorted to this guy (who I much prefer anyway).

Say Cheese.
Couldn't resist a picture of these two guys either!
 Happy Halloween everyone and take care if you're out trick or treating tomorrow night.
Em xxx

Friday, 29 October 2010

Two Parcels.

I'm so behind with my blog at the moment, I really should have posted about the wonderful parcel I recieved from Michela over at  A Garden Just Outside Venice, We were swap partners in the recent Pumpkin Patch Swap.

Wowee what a pile of goodies!!
These delicious chocs didn't last long!!
 What an amazing treasure trove of lovlies she sent to me...thank you so much Michela!

And then this morning I got another lovely surprise a parcel from Beki over at The Ramblings Of An Everyday Mummy.  We were partners in Bekis recent pincushoin swap.

Had to hide these from the Gruesome Twosome!!

This lavender stuffed cushion is far too nice to stick pins in..I think it will be scenting a basket or drawer in my bedroom soon!
 I had Hermione visiting for the day and I'd promised her and Evie a day of sewing so their eyes lit up when I unwrapped this package...but mean old me I put the lovlies well out of their reach!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
Em xxx

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Bookworm Weekly -Holiday Reads.

I didn't get as much reading done on my holiday this year as I usually do, I think this was because We went out and about so much more than usual and also because We holidayed with friends.
What I did read though was the latest Jilly Cooper...'Jump!'

I absolutely adore Jilly Cooper and this book lived up to her usual high standards.
A Granny more grief sticken by the recent loss of her beloved dog than her late husband, forced to move house and look after atrocious grandchildren finds a neglected horse, nurses her back to health, helps form an owners syndicate and chaos ensues!!!
I like Jilly Cooper's style very much because whilst she tells a good tale with a bit of drama and a bit of romance thrown in theres always a lot of humour in her books too.
And of course if you're a fan of hers you'll like the fact that she always makes sure the old favourites put in an appearance...Rupert Campbell-Black anyone??

My other holiday read was Sue Townsends latest installment in the Adrian Mole saga 'Adrian Mole, The Prostate Years'  I've read all the Adrian Mole books, infact I sort of grew up alongside him as he is only a year or so older than me!

 But this one I felt was more serious than any of the previous books it deals with subjects such as prostate cancer and British troops in Afghanistan. There were a couple of times I had tears in my eyes reading this book, most especially during Adrian Moles cancer treatment. I know Sue Townsend has suffered some terrible ill-health herself and I just wonder if this has given her some insight into how Adrian Mole must have felt during his treatment.

I read both of these books on my kindle and I can happily report that it was ideal for lounging on a sunbed and had absolutely no glare at all from the sun on it.
My only concern about taking it on holiday was leaving it lying on my sunbed whilst I was swimming or gettinga meal.
Em xxx

Sunday, 24 October 2010

More From Tunisia

We saw some amazing sights on our recent trip to Tunisia, one of which was the ancient and very holy walled city of Kairouan.
Apparently four trips to Kairouan is the equivalent of one pilgramage to Mecca!!
Because Kairouan isn't as touristy as some other places We visited We got to visit a Medina that wasn't full of shops selling the usual gifts for tourists.

Kairouan Medina.

The Great Mosque.

                                                 Evie taking a break.

Then We carried on to the Roman ampitheatre at El Jem, this was just the most amazing place I have ever visited, the atmosphere here was palpable. At first it was a little bit of excitement because We knew some of the film Gladiator had been filmed there then We go to thinking about the real history of the place, most especially when We went down to where the cells were.

Lunch opposite the ampitheatre.

Inside El Jem ampitheatre.

One of the corridors leading to the terraces where the audience sat.

Down below where the prisoners were kept before let out to fight.

El Jem town at sunset.

El Jem at sunset.
 After El Jem We went to visit our friends in Ksour Essaf and had a delicious Tunisian meal.Both Evie and myself got henna tattoos from our friend Monia and despite the language barrier (We speak poor French and no Arabic, they speak poor English) We all had a great evening with lots of laughs and didn't get back to our hotel until the early hours!!

Evie,Adel,Asmar,Laila and Saida.

Having our hands bound up for 2 hours whilst the henna coloured our fingers and palms.

Lots of laughs!

Evie's henna tattoos.
 I'll be back soon with some holiday book reviews and a delicious parcel I recieved last week.
Em xxx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Home Again...and its So Cold!

Hello Blogland I'm back after my jaunt abroad with photos galore and tales to tell...
Our week in Tunisia was too short by far, We never have enough time to do all that We want to do when we go there but We packed a good bit in this time with visits to Sousse, Sahline, Monastir, Kairouan, El Jem and Ksour Essaf.
We arrived late morning so there was plenty of time after a quick lunch to lounge in the sun and swim in the pool (which Evie was very excited about)...BUT, I realised I'd forgotten to pack any swimwear for my poor girl!!!
She made do with a T-shirt and her knickers on the sunday and on the monday We went to Sousse in search of swimwear!!

I've noticed on each of my visits to Tunisia that there are always plenty of cats hanging about the hotels and the shady spots of town centres!
These two cuties lounged in the sun outside our hotel on most mornings.

Carpets,throws,rugs,silks and linens are all big business in Tunisia and We got the oppurtunity to see some weavers at work in Sahline and in Kairouan.

 After I spotted the weavers I spotted this lovely lot!!

Then a walk through the Medina and I couldn't resist this stall...I bought vast amounts of wool for very little money!

I'll pop back tomorrow and post some more pictures.
Em xxx

Friday, 8 October 2010

Why Am I So Disorganised?

Ok so in just over 27 hours I have to leave for the airport and so far I haven't packed a single thing, my beach towels are still in the washer and I can only find one of my Birkenstocks.
On the plus side I went to do a bit of last minute holiday shopping and had a Pedi Fish experience.
For anyone who hasn't heard of it...Pedi Fish are tiny little fish that nibble gently at dry/hard skin on your feet.
It cost me £10 for 15 minutes of lovely relaxation, it felt like I was sat with my feet in a big bowl of very fizzy lemonade, and my feet are noticeably softer now.

I've also spent some time in the past few days crocheting this tea cosy for my sister, and I've started a new blanket to add to the other two unfinished blankets I have lying in bags waiting for me to get inspired again!!
Anyway I better go put the towels in the dryer.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Em xxx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bookworm Weekly - Some Grown Up Faves.

I've decided to blog weekly or as near to weekly as I can about my reading habits, books I love/hate etc etc.
I was going to start a whole new blog for this purpose but decided against it as I know I'll just never ever keep on top of two blogs however good my intentions might be!
So for tonight I thought I'd talk about three of my all time favourite books.

1. My Third placed book of all time is Louis De Berniéres amazing 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' 
My sister recommended this book to me years ago and I struggled to get through the first 100 or so pages...but I'm glad I did, it is one of the most touching and poignant stories I've ever read.
I remember sitting reading it on a bus home one sunday lunchtime and suddenly realising that everyone else on the bus could see the tears streaming down my face.
The ending to this story is so bitter sweet, happy but heart breakingly sad...definitely one to persevere with if the initial 100-120 pages drag on and on.
Just a small note though...whilst the book is amazing the film is one of the biggest wastes of my time ever...if you've seen the film and not read the book please don't judge it by the appalling-ness of the film.

2. My Second favourite book of all time is Maeve Binchy's rather lovely 'Light A Penny Candle'.
The funny/sad/happy/tragic story of Aisling and Elizabeth.
Quiet mousey Elizabeth is sent to live with Aisling and her large loud family in small town Ireland during WW2, this begins the tale of their lifelong friendship.
The tales of Elizabeth and Aislings exploits as children made me laugh, but their lives as they grow up and begin to take on adult responsibilities sometimes brought tears to my eyes.
I loved the character Aisling and her irrepressible spirit so much that I gave one of my daughters the middle name Aisling.

3. My all time numero uno favourite book in the whole wide world ever is Kathleen Winsors bodice rippingly brilliant 'Forever Amber'.
This is a historical romance set during the restoration of Charles II.
Orphaned Amber St Clare sets about working her way up to the very highest place in society...the kings mistress, but all she ever truly wants is the love of the one man she can't have,because he dosen't want her!
This book takes in the restoration, the plague of 1665, the great fire of London and uses them all to great effect.
Published way back in 1944 this book was banned in 14 US states because of its 'extreme pornographic content', believe me you'll see more porn on Emmerdale than in this book!
And of course because its a historical tale there are lots of references to real people who lived at court during this period which made it doubly fascinating for me!

I'd really love to hear if anyone else has read these books and their opinions of them.
Em xxxx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Back Again...

 Hello last time I was here for any length of time was ages ago!!
I've had no proper internet service since 28th Sept just a few minutes here and there.
But after lots of pleading phone calls to Virgin Media I finally got an engineer out this afternoon to tell me the problem wasn't what they'd said but something totally unrelated.
Anyways its all fixed now I hope and I can get a few blog posts in before I head off to sunnier climes for a week on Sunday.
So in the past however long I've done lots...

Two Monday morning Stitch 'n' Bitch sessions....
Evie joined us this morning because she had an inset day at school.

Three lovely notebooks...the CK ones for Kia and Mica because they keep trying to steal mine! and the old Ladybird book style one is mine...

This is written on the label of the Ladybird notebook.
If your formative years meant...
School dinners were liver and onions 
rather than Turkey Twizzlers.

A Blackberry was something you picked
in a country lane and not something you
spent your weekend ignoring.

MySpace was a den in your back garden
built with bed sheets and runner bean canes.

Noah,Isaac and Joshua were characters from
the bible rather than kids in your class.

Wheelies were what you did on your bike 
in the park and not what you wore on your
feet for the the weekly shop.

And if you wanted to be an astronaut, train
driver,footballer or anything other than a 
CELEBRITY when you grew up

you are a product of the Ladybird generation.

And what can I say?
I most certainly am and I could not resist this lil' book!!

I've crocheted a fair bit too and found the time to get Kia's cushion completely finished for her to take back to Aberdeen tomorrow.

Em xxxx