Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Time Flies.

A year ago today my brilliant Dad died after a very short unexpected illness.
I still find it hard to comprehend why he isn't here anymore.
He worked away from home offshore from Aberdeen on huge ships that laid cable on the north sea bed so I didn't get to see him that often.
But even now I miss the phonecalls on a sunday afternoon asking me to bid on things on Ebay because his internet connection wasn't reliable enough, or the night time calls to send me outside to look for some astronomical oddity that no one elwse but myself and him would be interested in..or even the calls from bars in Norway to complain about the price of lager in Norway when he'd obviously drank a fair bit of it!!

My Dad is still my waking thought almost every morning and one of the last things I think about at night when I'm in bed.
Our shed is one my Dad gave us when he needed a bigger one and the smell of it reminds me of him every time I go in there or every time the stupid cat gets herself locked in there overnight and spends the next day smelling of my Dad.

 If you've read this thank you so much for letting me indulge myself in my memories tonight.
Em xxxxx


LaaLaa said...

What a lovely post, Em. Bless your dad. Lynda xxx

Bethany said...

What a sweet post--indulge away :)

Kia said...

I ♥ you Mum.



It sounds like you and your Dad were best friends and Im sure he was very proud of you. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing your memories. xxx

Mary Poppins said...

Ohoo Em thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories of you special dad ((((( Em ))))) I know how important it can be to get these things out, I find it very helpul, almost like you are talking to them, and they are there right beside you listening, does that make sense.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, they really mean alot and gald in some way I have helped you in maybe getting your feelings out there, better out than in I say :0)

Hugs and love
M xx

Valula said...

Ah Em, that is such a lovely post.

Thinking of you. xxx

Lucy said...

What a lovely emotive post - your Dad looks a lovely fella.

I lost my Mam almost three years ago and the first year was by far the hardest, so hope you're able to feel happier when you remember him from now on xx

Diane said...

God Bless your lovely dad. I dont have a great relationship with my dad, you were lucky to have such a great relationship - even for too short a time. Having things around you that were his is a great way to keep him with you at all times. xxxxx

Kandi said...

No words can help you really I just wanted to send a virtual cuddle for you today!
Kandi x

Sue said...

It's not indulgent at all, it's good to remember the people we love.

Taz said...

((((((Em)))))) I wish I could give you that big squeeze for real. I know only too well (unfortunately) how much it hurts. :(