Friday, 10 September 2010

Got My Oooomph back at Long Last.

Hello there, 
I know its been a while since I posted but I've just not felt like it, I don't know if its the sudden change in the weather or the time of year or even that the schools are back and I need to get up early again but my oooomph has been AWOL for the past few weeks...but its back now with a vengence!
I'm crocheting like theres no tomorrow, or at least I was until might stop now theres no Big Brother for me to watch (and yes I shed a lot of tears at the very end).
I'm still working on my hexies and I think I've got about 60 now, although I'll probably leave them for now and take yarn to do more of them when i go on holiday next month.
I'm working on some scarves at the moment and I'm toying with the idea of opening an Etsy store too.

I saw some scarves that look almost identical in everything but colour to mine for sale on Etsy for the equivalent of £19...OMG £19 for a crocheted scarf!!!

After my last post I had a lot of people asking me about the books I'd read by Philippa Gregory and I can whole heartedly recommend them.
I picked up 'The White Queen' on my way to bed at about midnight one night and sat down for a few seconds to read the back of it... I was still sat there reading at 4.20am.
'The Other Queen' was a really good read too told in the first person from three different points of view.
Emily Purdy's 'The Tudor Wife' was good but not brilliant and it had some cringe inducing turns of phrase in it.
Since then I've read 'A Respectable Trade' which was great and such an eye openerabout the slave trade of the 18th century and am currently reading 'The Virgin's Lover' both by Philippa Gregory.

My only complaint with any of the books I've read recently is that because they're based on so much fact I end up spending hours browsing Wikipedia reading endless historical facts and then of course dragging out my inumerable heavy history books to double check and cross reference.
Have a lovely weekend.
Em xxxxxxx


HoTchPOtCh paint-a-pot shop said...

Welcome back Em, i check every day to 'stalk' you. I myself can't get into that type of book....altough I haven't tried hehe so i will now!
The etsy store is a great idea for you. Love alwaysx

gill said...

Glad you're back Em
I love Philippa Gregory books too!

LaaLaa said...

Nice to see you back Em. Thanks for info on books. Lynda xx

Cheryl said...

I look at etsy and wonder as well. Interesting books. I like historical novels and I've not read any recently, so I'll put yours on my list for the winter. Make a nice change from all the techie books I'm ploughing through at the moment. Thanks.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

from oooomphless to oooomphfull! xx sounds like something I need to catch!!! xxxxxx

Bethany said...

I haven't been doing much either...but that's because my sister convinced me to watch her "Lost" DVDs and they're highly addictive.

Sue said...

Glad you're back. Opening an on line shop sounds very exciting.
Sue x

Green thumb said...

Hello Em!
Nice to meet you! I'm your swap partner for Crafty Helen's swap, I'd like to get in touch with you by e-mail, my address is

agypsyangel said...

Glad you are posting. I havent read any of that genre of books perhaps I should try them. Hope you have a great week.

Lucy said...

I know what you mean about the change of season, I feel all motivated for some reason too! Good luck if you go ahead with the shop, it's something I toy with occasionally too :)

The English Writer said...

Em, the Etsy shop sounds brilliant. I shop alot at Etsy and Folksy, buying up all the lovely bits of your very talented blog ladies! And I know what you mean about feeling creative again, I feel like this too, and I've read others are the same. Late summer and autumn are my favourite so I;m putting it down to this! xx

Dyan said...

I completely relate to having a bit of a slump now that the weather's changing and hopefully like you I'll have my steam back soon, soon. I haven't read any of Phillipa Gregory's books but I can also relate to pausing ever so often to double check historical facts and such!

jacqueline said...

Dearest Emma, it's good to be back here at your inspiring space! I am in love with your crocheting scarves...they are soo pretty and in such gorgeous colors. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!