Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bookworm Weekly 2 - A Blast From The Past.

After Beki tagged me in this post I've spent a long time thinking about what my favourite books of all time are and its not easy to decide, so I've decided to post this week about some of my favourite books as a child and next week I'll post about some of my favourite books as an adult.
I think as I read such a lot I'm going to start a weekly-ish post about my current reading or reading must-haves etc.
Onwards and upwards.
As a child as soon as I could read on my own that was it I read and read and read...
I think 'Gobbolino The Witches Cat' was the first book I read in my head instead of out loud.

I used to save my pocket money and any money my Grandparents gave me to buy Famous Five books in the toy shop in Shipley town centre on a Saturday afternoon.
If I remember rightly back then in the late 70's a new childrens paperback cost about 50p.

Lyrico:The Only Horse of His Kind was a book my Mum bought in a sale at WH Smith (or similar shop) for pennies on the off chance I'd like it...I loved it!!!
Its a delightful story of a little girl who lives in New York and has everything she could ever want except one thing...A Horse! 
One day a family friend sends her a minuture horse...which has WINGS!!!


The Earthsea series is a collection I keep meaning to buy and re-read and put away until Evie is old enough to read them...lots of wizards, dragons, magic and lore in these books.


I loved Roald Dahl like lots of children these days do, I read some but not all of the Narnia books and when I grew out of Enid Blyton's school stories I moved onto Anne Digby's 'Trebizon' series.
 I once read a book called 'Waiting for The Sky To Fall' a teen romance type book published in 1983, both myself and my sister Jody loved this book and were stunned to discover recently that it was by Jacqueline Wilson!
 Another old favourite of mine is 'The Silver Sword' by Ian Serralier a story about a family torn apart in world war 2 europe.


 And my all time number 1 favourite book as a child is....'Ballet Shoes' The wonderful story of the three orphans who become the Fossil sisters and vow to get their names in history books on their own merits!


I'd better end it there for tonight though as this is in danger of becoming a mini novel in its own right!!
Big thanks to all who left kind comments yesterday it means so to me.
Em xxxx


Amanda said...

Just read your last post Em. So sorry about your Dad. That first anniversary is really hard. He was a very handsome man, wasn't he? Sending you a big, fat hug. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Kelly said...

Hi Em, sorry to hear about your Dad this must be a painful time for you.
Thank you so much for the lovely comments you have left on my blog, sorry i am late in popping to see you!! Great blog I'm following now :)

Bethany said...

Oooo, I love to see what others are reading!

Maggie said...

Lovely idea to blog about books and reading.
I read a lot as a child, but so many moves and so many books got lost or misplaced, and to be honest, we couldn't afford to buy them so spent most Saturdays in the library, staggering home later, Mum and I, with a bag of books carried between us, one handle each. I didn't really seriously get into buying and collecting books until my sons had flown the nest and there was money to apend. Now we have over 2500 between us, all genres, all read or used in some way (reference books), all loved and enjoyed time and time again.
Sorry, but a Sony reader or Amazon Kindle won't cut it for me.

Diane said...

Enid Blyton for me everytime when I was a kid. xxx

agypsyangel said...

Sorry about your dad. I cant imagine losing mine. Those books are adorable and something about those first books. I read Ramona by Beverly Cleary and I read the whole series..probably the beginning of my lifelong love of reading. Hope you have a great day,
Kim :)

Jill said...

You've really got me thinking Em. I love books so much (especially children's books).

I remember being very fond of Enid Blyton's Folk of the Faraway Tree books. Eric Thompson's Dougal books, which I've read and re-read to Violet and she loves them to. A book that really stays in my memory though is The Tale of the Little Wooden Horse - cried buckets.

Jill x

Sue said...

Some of your books are new to me, I was a Famous Five girl myself.