Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hearts and Squares and A Gift In The Post.

 Due to a few internet connection issues I was unable to post last night when I wanted to.
I recieved my PIF gift from Jenny  and isn't it gorgeous, I am dying to go to Stitch 'n' Bitch on monday and show off my goodies!!!

And the bag is magic ...its reversable so now I have the stress of deciding whether I want ease of pockets on the outside or beautiful floral on the outside!!
I'm going to keep the little tape measure hidden in my crochet basket because usually any tape measure I buy goes missing, god knows what my daughters need them for but they borrow them and never return them.
They're probably in the secret hiding place that scissors and tea spoons go to too!

I've spent a good bit of this weekend so far crocheting these delicious little squares for Kias cushion cover and as she's headed back to university very soon I need to get it finished.

I just can't resist arranging them in colour order they look so lovely like that,I was the same as a child with my crayons and pens.
I'm not sure what order I'm going to sew them together in yet though, because I don't think all ordered like I have them will perhaps just random order.
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
Em xxx

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bookworm Weekly 2 - A Blast From The Past.

After Beki tagged me in this post I've spent a long time thinking about what my favourite books of all time are and its not easy to decide, so I've decided to post this week about some of my favourite books as a child and next week I'll post about some of my favourite books as an adult.
I think as I read such a lot I'm going to start a weekly-ish post about my current reading or reading must-haves etc.
Onwards and upwards.
As a child as soon as I could read on my own that was it I read and read and read...
I think 'Gobbolino The Witches Cat' was the first book I read in my head instead of out loud.

I used to save my pocket money and any money my Grandparents gave me to buy Famous Five books in the toy shop in Shipley town centre on a Saturday afternoon.
If I remember rightly back then in the late 70's a new childrens paperback cost about 50p.

Lyrico:The Only Horse of His Kind was a book my Mum bought in a sale at WH Smith (or similar shop) for pennies on the off chance I'd like it...I loved it!!!
Its a delightful story of a little girl who lives in New York and has everything she could ever want except one thing...A Horse! 
One day a family friend sends her a minuture horse...which has WINGS!!!


The Earthsea series is a collection I keep meaning to buy and re-read and put away until Evie is old enough to read them...lots of wizards, dragons, magic and lore in these books.


I loved Roald Dahl like lots of children these days do, I read some but not all of the Narnia books and when I grew out of Enid Blyton's school stories I moved onto Anne Digby's 'Trebizon' series.
 I once read a book called 'Waiting for The Sky To Fall' a teen romance type book published in 1983, both myself and my sister Jody loved this book and were stunned to discover recently that it was by Jacqueline Wilson!
 Another old favourite of mine is 'The Silver Sword' by Ian Serralier a story about a family torn apart in world war 2 europe.


 And my all time number 1 favourite book as a child is....'Ballet Shoes' The wonderful story of the three orphans who become the Fossil sisters and vow to get their names in history books on their own merits!


I'd better end it there for tonight though as this is in danger of becoming a mini novel in its own right!!
Big thanks to all who left kind comments yesterday it means so to me.
Em xxxx

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Time Flies.

A year ago today my brilliant Dad died after a very short unexpected illness.
I still find it hard to comprehend why he isn't here anymore.
He worked away from home offshore from Aberdeen on huge ships that laid cable on the north sea bed so I didn't get to see him that often.
But even now I miss the phonecalls on a sunday afternoon asking me to bid on things on Ebay because his internet connection wasn't reliable enough, or the night time calls to send me outside to look for some astronomical oddity that no one elwse but myself and him would be interested in..or even the calls from bars in Norway to complain about the price of lager in Norway when he'd obviously drank a fair bit of it!!

My Dad is still my waking thought almost every morning and one of the last things I think about at night when I'm in bed.
Our shed is one my Dad gave us when he needed a bigger one and the smell of it reminds me of him every time I go in there or every time the stupid cat gets herself locked in there overnight and spends the next day smelling of my Dad.

 If you've read this thank you so much for letting me indulge myself in my memories tonight.
Em xxxxx

Monday, 20 September 2010

Monday Morning Fun.

It was back to Canon Hall Garden Centre this morning for our weekly 'Stitch 'n' Bitch' get together and a couple of faces I hadn't seen in a long time were there so there was loads of catching up to be done.
It was one of our ladies birthday today too so we stayed on for a celebratory lunch too.

My current crochet project, decided by my daughter Kia is going to be a granny square cushion cover for Kia to take back to Aberdeen with her when she goes back to university in a couple of weeks.

 After about a minute of crocheting though I suddenly realised that I'd forgotten how to make a granny square!
Luckily Kia remembered and showed me.
I'm going to sew little crochet hearts onto each square I think too.
Anyways thats me for today...short and sweet as its late and I'm trying to watch 'Britains Next Top Model'.
Em xxx

Friday, 17 September 2010

Three New Things.

I'd love to come up with the usual excuses for not having blogged all week, y'know 'I've been too busy' 'I've felt blah all week' etc etc etc...but it just isn't true after Tuesday lunchtime when I recieved this I wanted to do nothing but sit and play with it..
 And its truly brilliant, I can go on holiday next month knowing that I need not panic as usual about exceeding my luggage allowance with the 6 or 7 books I usually take to read with me.
Another new thing for this week was a nice shiny new venue for our 'Stitch 'n' Bitch' group. After We were unable to use our original venue we met up at each others houses but as We really want to try and get new members We needed to find a public venue rather than invite strangers to our houses.So We're meeting at Canon Hall Garden Centre cafe which sells lovely coffee and delicious cake!
 If anyone reading this lives in the Barnsley/Cawthorne area and would like to join us We meet on monday mornings at 10am-ish and We're all lovely!!
Last but not at all least my new thing number three is this..
 Which I couldn't resist after 'S'n'B' on Monday, Canon Hall garden centre sells loads of great non garden related stuff like all good garden centres should!
Anyway thats it for now.
Have a lovely weekend.
Em xx 

Friday, 10 September 2010

Got My Oooomph back at Long Last.

Hello there, 
I know its been a while since I posted but I've just not felt like it, I don't know if its the sudden change in the weather or the time of year or even that the schools are back and I need to get up early again but my oooomph has been AWOL for the past few weeks...but its back now with a vengence!
I'm crocheting like theres no tomorrow, or at least I was until might stop now theres no Big Brother for me to watch (and yes I shed a lot of tears at the very end).
I'm still working on my hexies and I think I've got about 60 now, although I'll probably leave them for now and take yarn to do more of them when i go on holiday next month.
I'm working on some scarves at the moment and I'm toying with the idea of opening an Etsy store too.

I saw some scarves that look almost identical in everything but colour to mine for sale on Etsy for the equivalent of £19...OMG £19 for a crocheted scarf!!!

After my last post I had a lot of people asking me about the books I'd read by Philippa Gregory and I can whole heartedly recommend them.
I picked up 'The White Queen' on my way to bed at about midnight one night and sat down for a few seconds to read the back of it... I was still sat there reading at 4.20am.
'The Other Queen' was a really good read too told in the first person from three different points of view.
Emily Purdy's 'The Tudor Wife' was good but not brilliant and it had some cringe inducing turns of phrase in it.
Since then I've read 'A Respectable Trade' which was great and such an eye openerabout the slave trade of the 18th century and am currently reading 'The Virgin's Lover' both by Philippa Gregory.

My only complaint with any of the books I've read recently is that because they're based on so much fact I end up spending hours browsing Wikipedia reading endless historical facts and then of course dragging out my inumerable heavy history books to double check and cross reference.
Have a lovely weekend.
Em xxxxxxx