Friday, 13 August 2010

Nothing Much Going On.

Thats right..a week of mostly nothing very much going on here.
After the last few weeks worth of stress and hassle in the run up to ruby's wedding I've enjoyed some very very lazy time just sat reading mostly or crocheting the odd hexie whilst catching up on Ambridge or Emmerdale happenings.
Kia had to go back to Aberdeen for most of the week and Mica was away camping with my Mum and Sisters Jody and Hermione and with Scott at work it was just me and Evie so I've indulged her by playing chess, colouring in, playing on the computer and watching endless episodes of 'Dr Who' and 'Phinneas and Ferb'.

 After I've finished the tenth book in this series and I only have about 40 pages to go I'm going to get on with some serious crafty stuff..I've got a whole host of Autumn projects lined up.
Now if ever get around to implementing any of my ideas is another story!!
Anyways quickly back to the books..I'm not really into this whole vampire thing thats going on at the moment but I have to say I've enjoyed these books, ok so they're all a little samey and a little predictable but lots of fun too...much better than the much more famous 'Twilight' series which I found unreadable crap although I read them all to see what all the fuss was about (and I never did find out).
Anyways on that note I'm off for the night,hope everyone has a lovely weekend and hopefully some sunshine too!
One more picture... if you haven't already seen this I saw it on an Italian blog and I just had to put it here too...its my dream car!

 Em xx



LaaLaa said...

I enjoyed the books too, Em. Good trashy easy reading. I'm reading loads at the moment and crafting. I don't want it to stop! Lynda xxx

Kandi said...

Is that a crochet car!?!? Mweepp, I need one of those.
Kandi x

Cheryl said...

Oh to put my feet up and read. No chance. My children take it in turns to distract me.

Love the car. Wouldn't it be fun to drive!

Sue said...

You deserve a lazy week, I'm not reading much at the moment too busy mending horse rugs :( We did have a nice meal out last night to celebrate our anniversary so it's not all bad. Have a good weekend.
Sue xx