Friday, 6 August 2010

Busy Times.

I thought I'd just post a quickie here a wedding preparations update.
Almost the entire family has pulled together today and helped out in one way or another and I think everything is good to go tomorrow afternoon!!
Here's a selection of last minute preparation pictures...

Front of guest book.  

Back of guest book.

Hog ready to be roasted.

Getting the marquees ready.

Kia and Coco doing their bit to help.

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend,I'm just about de-stressed now and pretty excited about tomorrow.
Em x


Louise said...

The guest book looks lovely, I hope you have a fab day!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful guest book. Hope the day goes just to plan. The french say its lucky if it rains on your wedding day. That makes it a win-win scenario in my book.

Amanda said...

Hi Em! I do hope everything goes swimmingly today. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Sue said...

Love the guest book. Hope yesterday went well.
Sue xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

The guest book is excellent!

I love the marquee going up! I bet that is such a treat to watch xxx

Lokking forward to next update honey! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
I know I could have phoned and told you but since you have been blogging about the wedding on here I thought I would comment, Thanks you for making my wedding what it was, it was the most perfect beautiful amazing day of my whole life and I never forget it and you my amazing sister were such a main part of making it happen thank you for all the bunting, guest book, and everything else. Thank you for your endless support and friendship for staying up late with me night after night, for doing my washing and above all been the greatest sister in the world! Love you always x