Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bookworm Weekly.

Its been over a week since I last blogged and to be honest my main activity since then has been reading, I always have a couple of books on the go but tend to spend more time crafting and crocheting and listening to either podcasts or audiobooks.
But as I've ordered myself a Kindle from Amazon I thought I'd get through all the books on my 'To Be Read' this past week I've read


Mostly at home but also on two trips to here and back.

Evie went to stay with her Scottish grandparents for a week.
Infact its been brilliantly quiet here at home, what with Evie in Scotland and Mica here

Me,Scott,Kia and Coco don't really make much noise!
I am incredibly jealous of Mica being at Leeds Festival though I've been every year since 2003 except last year as I was on holiday and this year as We just couldn't afford the tickets when they went on sale in the spring...hopefully next year though.
Hope everyone has a great bank holiday tomorrow.
Em xx

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Mask Making and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

I thought I'd do a very quick update on the rest of my week as I seem to have done loads!
On Wednesday Evie and Hermione went to a mask making class at Cannon Hall, the theme was 'Masked Ball' and the class was held by local textile artist Diane Bates. 
Diane is a lovely lady and all the children really enjoyed themselves making masks and making lots of mess, infact I think all the Mums and Dads did too...I know I did!!
Unfortunately I can't find a website for Diane Bates so the link I've put up just gives a brief background of her life and work, if you're nterested in seeing some of her work you'll find loads of pictures on Google Images.

Then Wednesday evening it was cinema and pizza for us, We went to see 'Step up 3D' The new Shrek film was our first choice but it wasn't showing anywhere local, anyways Step Up 3D was actually pretty good ( I once watched 'Step Up 2-The streets' when We had a Sky Movies trial and really really enjoyed it much to my elder daughters amusement).
Thursday saw Me,Scott and Evie visit Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which is about 10 minutes drive from where We live and in the 6 years we've lived here we've never once visited it.
We had the disabled lady I look after with us so We couldn't walk the entire 2km walk around the park but We had a good look around all the bits that had disabled access and decided that its well worth another visit in the near future.

Thank you again to everyone who took part in my giveaway. Taz and Bethany have both been in touch and their parcels will be in the post on Monday.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Em xxx

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Happy Days and Some Winners...

Sorry its taken me so very long to post thw winners of my giveaway...but I've been incredibly busy filling up the days before Evie goes back to school with lots of fun activities which have just seemed to have taken up lots of my time this past week.
On sunday we went to the Maize Maze for the afternoon and to my utter shame our team (me,mum, Elliott and Poppy) came in last place out of the three family teams.
Afterwards we ate homemade burgers and ice creams while the kids played on space hoppers and go-carts.
Then we took a tractor ride up to Jowett House Farm and watched the calves get their afternoon tea!!

Mum,Elliott and Poppy lost in the maze!  

Evie space-hopping!

Tea time!!

Monday saw another trip to York and a visit to the dungeon,Why am I always the one who gets photographed getting their head chopped off??
A delicious italian meal and a river boat trip rounded off by bow and arrow practice outside the Jorvik Centre made for yet another lovely day out.

Evie and Hermione's new best friend!

Hermione chained up at the Dungeon.

Watch out Robin Hood!!

Anyways onto my giveaway...and the randomly drawn winner is...

Taz who you can check out here Ratbag.
And the runner-up is
Bethany from the brilliant Sweet Bee Buzzings. 

Congratulations to both of you I'll get your goodies in the post just as soon as I have your addresses.
Thank you so much to everyone who entered and for all the kind words left in comments...the internet is a wonderful place and long may these friendships continue.
Em xx

Friday, 13 August 2010

Nothing Much Going On.

Thats right..a week of mostly nothing very much going on here.
After the last few weeks worth of stress and hassle in the run up to ruby's wedding I've enjoyed some very very lazy time just sat reading mostly or crocheting the odd hexie whilst catching up on Ambridge or Emmerdale happenings.
Kia had to go back to Aberdeen for most of the week and Mica was away camping with my Mum and Sisters Jody and Hermione and with Scott at work it was just me and Evie so I've indulged her by playing chess, colouring in, playing on the computer and watching endless episodes of 'Dr Who' and 'Phinneas and Ferb'.

 After I've finished the tenth book in this series and I only have about 40 pages to go I'm going to get on with some serious crafty stuff..I've got a whole host of Autumn projects lined up.
Now if ever get around to implementing any of my ideas is another story!!
Anyways quickly back to the books..I'm not really into this whole vampire thing thats going on at the moment but I have to say I've enjoyed these books, ok so they're all a little samey and a little predictable but lots of fun too...much better than the much more famous 'Twilight' series which I found unreadable crap although I read them all to see what all the fuss was about (and I never did find out).
Anyways on that note I'm off for the night,hope everyone has a lovely weekend and hopefully some sunshine too!
One more picture... if you haven't already seen this I saw it on an Italian blog and I just had to put it here too...its my dream car!

 Em xx


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Wedding Bells...Rang On Saturday For Ruby and Daz.

As most of you will know my little sister Ruby got married on Saturday, after months and months of planning and making it finally happened this weekend.
It was brilliant, it was agreed by almost everyone there the best wedding ever!
There was so much that could have gone wrong on the day...but thankfully it didn't, the marquee company delivered the wrong size of marquee and got very stroppy when my Brother-in-law to be complained, the guy who was renting the field to them for the marquee changed his mind at the very last minute...but my sister Jody talked him around and no one could light the gas for the hog roast...they managed eventually and it was delicious!
Ruby looked beautiful, the bridesmaids all looked lovely,Daz, the groomsmen and my brother (who was giving Ruby away) all looked impeccably groomed and handsome ...infact everyone looked brilliant, I was so proud of my girls, Scott my lovely fiancee, my Mum and all my sisters.
The service was lovely...some of the littlest children added a few sound effects but it only added to the family feel of the event.
We carried on to the local village hall for afternoon tea, the theme was vintage/shabby chic, all mis-matched china tea cups and saucers! The food was yummy and served with tea, champagne or Pimm's or in some cases all three!!
We continued in the evening in a huge marquee with a dance floor, lots of wine, beer and more champagne and the delish hog roast.
Evie managed to rip holes all over the front of her pretty bridesmaids dress and lose the flower decoration from the front of it...I was told it happened during some serious wrestling with her cousin Daniel!
As always at our family gatherings we had the traditional very loud  sing-a-long to 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.
I gave up and went home at about 1.30am...leaving my two eldest daughters there, Kia was sat chatting to people, Mica was in a group that included my brother who were taking it in turns to climb into the chest freezer that had been used to keep the drinks cool!
Anyways I'll leave you with a selection of photos from the day...

The flowers.  

Pre-wedding nerves or an early celebratory drink? 
Evie and Daniel.

Arriving at The Church.

The Newly-weds

Mica working the 'Farmer Chic' look.
Evie and Dan get some serious discussion time in!

On a slightly different note now, my giveaway should have ended yesterday but as I've been so incredibly busy with wedding-y stuff I've not really got myself organised for it so I'm keeping it open until midnight sunday 15th August and I'll draw it on Monday 16th.

Friendship Giveaway. Clicky for more details and sign up if you haven't already.
Thats all for now.
Em xxx

Friday, 6 August 2010

Busy Times.

I thought I'd just post a quickie here a wedding preparations update.
Almost the entire family has pulled together today and helped out in one way or another and I think everything is good to go tomorrow afternoon!!
Here's a selection of last minute preparation pictures...

Front of guest book.  

Back of guest book.

Hog ready to be roasted.

Getting the marquees ready.

Kia and Coco doing their bit to help.

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend,I'm just about de-stressed now and pretty excited about tomorrow.
Em x

Thursday, 5 August 2010

A Very Busy Week.

I've been so incredibly busy this past week, what with getting a months worth of dirty washing home from the USA along with Mica and the last minute preparations for Ruby's wedding I just don't seem to have had a minute to spare!
Anyway Mica arrived home safe and sound albeit later than expected last thursday morning. Her flight from Chicago was delayed by over 2 hours and was an hour and a half late getting into Manchester, so it was a pain for her but an extra hour in bed for me!!
USA goodies.  
Peaches and Creme yarn.

 Sunday was the final trying on of dresses,shoes etc for the bridesmaids, last night was Ruby's bridal shower and this evening was the rehearsal at the church.
I took the oppurtunity to mess around with my camera and photo editing software..

I am so nervous about the wedding I've made endless lists of photos to take and worried non-stop about what to do if the weather is bad...
Anyway I've still got last minute bunting to make and a guest book to decorate so its onwards and upwards for me.
Em xx