Saturday, 24 July 2010

Yet More Belated Bloggy-Ness

I seem to have had far too much stuff to blog about this week and not enough time to do it in.
So this is yet another catch up post...
On Monday and Friday I recieved lovely parcels in the post, firstly there was this package of yummy fabrics from Dolores over at Deeroo Designsher blog is lovely,you should check it out!!

 Anyway I was a winner in her fabric giveaway and I have a sort of patchwork project in mind for the autumn/winter with the fabric I won. 
Then look what came for me yesterday....well I say for me,it was for me and Evie really for some crafty fun over the summer holidays.

 I've only got a limited supply of felt but I've ordered some so look out for some serious felty fun soon!
Me and Evie went to my Mums yesterday afternoon for a celebratory cup of coffee..
reason for the celebration?

School holidays at long last! Evie and Hermione celebrated by running around the garden, jumping on the trampoline and then arguing!
Evie was intrigued by the fruit salad my Mum was making and after pestering me all day today to let her make one for us she went off shopping for fruit with her Dad.

This was the lovely result,delicious and enough left over for breakfast with some greek yogurt.
Hope you've all had a lovely saturday.
Em xx


bekimarie said...

Love the look of that book, think we need to see more ;)
I did smile at your girls running around and then arguing, hopefully it wont be like it for all of the hols.

B xxx

Amanda said...

It's great when the hols start isn't it? Your felt book looks fab! Maybe one for Little J and I! Lots of love,Amanda xxx

Sue said...

The book looks good, look forward to seeing your creations and the fruit salad looked yummy, it's my favourite desert.

LaaLaa said...

I love the fabric Em! Well done on winning it. I have never won a thing in my life! LOL! Can't wait to see what you make with it. Lynda xxx

winnibriggs said...

Hi Em
six weeks or so of fun and activity....or six weeks of mayhem...I think I had both when mine were young. Can't wait to see the results of the felt making. That book looks great. And well done to your little miss for the fruit salad, she's a star!
Thanks for the comment, you should just do as i did and put a post out about a meet and see what happens. I really enjoyed it! If you do it you can make it fit with your timetable!!
Good luck Jenny x

Taz said...

Schools out for SUMMER!! Yaay! :)

Thanks for your words hon, yeah I know they'll have a great time and have lots of tales to tell me when they come back. x

Kia said...

YOu need to put up pics of your felt animals so far!! I really love your baboshka!! xxx