Thursday, 29 July 2010

Wednesday Craft Night.

Or as its known at the moment..Wednesday Wedding Night!
As the wedding is on the 7th of August its really close now and We've been getting on with all the last minute bits and pieces.
Ruby spent a good bit of last night making artificial flower arrangements for the night time marquee.

 Evie helped to stick hearts on a huge canvas for guests to leave messages on through out the day

And I drank coffee, made lists and chatted!
I made loads of colourful paper cones to fill with rose petal confetti too but I didn't take a photo of them.
Sorry this is such a short post but I had an amazingly late night and a very early morning so I'm off to beddy byes now.
Nighty night.
Em xx


Sue said...

The flowers look really good, hope you had a good nights sleep. Hope the preparations keep going to plan.

Sue xx

Kandi said...

I bet this wedding is going to be amazing! You must share pics once it's happened.
Kandi x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

wow! Beaut Flowers xx

OMG. even more excitment

Whoooooooo hooooo#
And they fit lenses at 25 pounds, nearly had a hear attack with the excitement, look what Kandi Started x

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Em. Thank you so much sweetie for coming by and sending good thoughts and good wishes to me. It meant a lot every time I saw your name!

The flowers are lovely. I can't wait to see pictures of the wedding. I know it will be beautiful.

Best wishes and many blessings.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Tracy Suzanne said...

I almost forgot to tell you...
I love your new blog look. It's so fun!

ooxx's....Tracy :)