Thursday, 22 July 2010

Stylish Blogger Award.

Last Friday I recieved my very first ever blog award from my good friend Lynda and I'm very pleased to accept it!

 Now I believe the blog award rules state that I have to tell you all 5 facts about myself...
So here goes.

1. My absolute number one favourite food is marrowfat processed peas (y'know the big fat bright green things), I even like them cold out of the tin.

2. Although I lived abroad as a child I had never been on holiday abroad until 2006 and since then I've so far visited 12 countries.

3. I only ever drink black coffee, water or pink grapefruit barley water.

4. I am a committed conspiracy theorist and tend to believe very little I see on the news until I've spent ages researching it online.

5. I go on a new diet or health kick every few weeks but only ever suceed in gaining weight!

Also I believe I have to pass this award on to some more lovely bloggers!

So here goes...

1. Sue over at Stitching In The Kitchen. 

2. Kia over at The Kia Review. 

3. Dolores over at Deeroo Designs. 

All these ladies are lovely and all have great blogs that I love to read.
I'll be back tomorrow with yet more stuff I'm late blogging about.
Em xx 


Louise said...

I enjoyed this post - I also love tinned marrowfat peas! I'd never eat them cold and I rarely eat them at all, but I love them with tomato sauce, sometimes in a pea sandwich!!

I'm also a bit of a conspiracy theorist and I believe that most of the world population are just being completely dulled down and sort of brainwashed... losing the ability to think for themselves and analyse things and realise that a lot of what happens simply doesn't add up when you start doing your research.

I've become a follower and look forward to reading more of your posts.


Kandi said...

Nice to hear more about you, I too love marrowfat peas, my household think I'm odd, they have to be cold not hot though.
Kandi x

Taz said...

A well deserved award ;)

Marrowfat peas are the only kind of peas that I will eat. :D

Jill said...

Congratulations. A well deserved blog award.

Jill x

Maggie said...

I like those peas mixed with a little watery mint sauce, then eaten cold or warm.... when I was young my older cousing Michael used to eat baked beans cold, straight from the tin... he was my hero!!

Louise said...

Thanks for the comment you left for me. I'm glad you liked my photos, I do enjoy taking a lot of pictures.

Have a great weekend


Sue said...

Thanks for the award Em, now what do I do?

Sue said...

I realized last night that I didn't say what the pattern was. It's a free pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website, it's called Country Cotton Shawl ( ). I found it via Ravelry. Hope that helps.

Sue xx