Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Some Stuff I've Meant to Blog About For Days Now...But Just Never Got Around To It...

So I decided last week that I wanted to start work on another blanket or in fact a throw for one of my living room settees, but this time I wanted it to be made of loads of little hexagons..."aha good idea!" I hear you say..
But the catch was...I had no idea at all how to even begin to crochet a hexagon I mean to be honest I needed to think to remember that hexagons were the shapes with 6 sides!!
So I ploughed through my vast collection of unused crochet books in search of patterns 

 But nothing was quite right...I just couldn't get them to lie flat GRRRRRRR

Then I remembered I'd seen on pattern on Lucy's Blog and after hurrying to jot it down on loads of tiny post-it notes because my printer is out of ink and I couldn't find my notebook!
It worked....YAY!!!!

 So far I'm only 5 hexagons in but I'm loving them lots and lots already.

Anyways onto other things now and these three lovely bloggers were the first to comment on my 'Pay It Forward' post so if you can all let me have your Names and addresses I'll get your parcels in the post soon...I'm aiming for september rather than August to get this completed as I know August will be a hugely busy month for me.

 Emma from Daffodils and Dandelions. 
 Maureen from Twig and Toadstool
 Jacqueline from So Cute It Hurts

All these blogs are lovely and well worth checking out if you haven't already done so.
Em xxx


Sue said...

The hexagons look good Em, Lucy is very good at explaining patterns isn't she.

Kandi said...

Oh they have turned out wonderfully! That's twice today I have been directed to Lucy, I'm on my way over there now, thanks!
Kandi x

Kandi said...

p.s. what did I tell you about Jude? Won't say any more incase you listen to the catchup on Sunday (Archers).
Kandi x

Em said...

Uuurgh Kandi I'm going to have to listen tonight when I get home from craft night, I've got 4 eps to listen to and I don't know how I'll last until after 11pm tonight
Em xx

The Girl said...

Hurray!! Good work hexagon lady! Maybe I should abandon my attempts at rippling and try hexagon-ing instead!

Kia said...

Hexagons looking really nice mum, Wiil you make me one for my sofa when I go back?? Ta xxx

mad about bags said...

hi i've found your blog after reading about your gift to hookin with lala and am inspired by your hexangol crochet, i'm just starting out in crochet so will keep popping to get some more ideas and advice!!!

Valula Hedgehog said...

Oh Em, I'm so excited :-)

I can't work out how to e-mail you my address through your blog (i'm abit challenged like that he he)

If you drop me a quick e-mail I'll reply with my address. My e-mail is



The English Writer said...

They look fantastic as always x

twigandtoadstool said...

beautiful projects!!!
I've also been looking for some way to e-mail you my address...but, can't seem to find your e-mail addie on your blog!
I'm at
Could you send me your e-mail addie and I'll send you my address!
Thank you for inspiring kindness!