Thursday, 1 July 2010

Pay It Forward.

I have decided to take part in the 'Pay It Forward' thingy that seems to be doing the rounds of bloggyville at the mo...I've seen the idea on quite a few blogs now and I think it is a lovely lovely idea!

The idea is that random acts of kindness are given without expecting anything in return. Just passing on the kindness and hoping that your recipients will do the same, forming a never ending chain of kindness.

I promise to send a gift to the first three friends who comment on this post requesting to join in and promising to pay it forward to three other people etc etc..
I don't know yet what my gifts will be but I promise to send them within the next 365 days. What you have to do in return is promise to Pay It Forward by making the same announcement and promise on your blog.

Em xx



Valula Hedgehog said...

Hi Em,

If you haven't already got three, then I'd love to take part!

I think its such a lovely idea and I've never done anything like this before :-)


Twig and Toadstool said...

I'd love to take part!!!
I'll do a pay it forward post of my own next week!!!

xo maureen

jacqueline said...

Dearest Em, this is such a wonderful project! This reminder me of my own pay it forward which i yet to find time to create. Have a wonderful weekend and love to you

Sue said...

Great idea Em.

Cheryl said...

I love the thought behind this idea. I wish I had time to join in. Maybe this winter!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

This lovely idea came over from my lovely swap partner Cat B in New Zealand - it is a really lovely idea isn't it! I am two down with one to go! xx

Taz said...

That there is St Cyrus beach, next time you get stranded at Laurencekirk station give me a shout and I'll take you there ;) xx