Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Make Love Not Warcraft

Okay here goes..(deep breath) My name is Emma and I am a geek!
As I mentioned in my previous post I was going to away for a weekend in a place called Sixpenny Handley in Dorset...what I didn't mention was why I was going there...

 So everyone knows I love to crochet and I try out lots of other crafty stuff too, I'm not brilliant at it but I love it and to me thats what counts most of all.
Also I love my time here on my blog writing new posts and catching up on what all the other bloggers I've got to know have been up to.

 But and here it is my dark secret revealed at last...I am a geeky gamer who plays 'World of Warcraft' to the extent that that last weekend a group of 15 of us met up in two cottages we had rented for the weekend and just generally partied, chatted and had lots of laughs together.

The weather was beautiful so we spent the whole time sat outdoors and there was no (or at least very little)  chat about 'epic weapons' or 'gear scores' or anything else WoW related.

 I learnt a couple of great new card games to teach my family and I came home feeling that I'd made a whole new group of real life friends not just the in-game variety that they were before.

Em xx


Kandi said...

That sounds like fun to me, we have been known to have LAN parties in the past! You should be proud of being a geek! I don't play WOW, but my kids and hubbie have and I know how addictive it can be. I also play MMORPG's but my addiction is Anarchy Online, I am on a sabbatical at the moment as it consumes my life! Glad there is another crafty cybergeek girlie out there.
Kandi x

LaaLaa said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend Em. You and Kandi are speaking a foreign language to me! Glad you had fun. Lynda xx

The Girl said...

Haha your inner geekdom is revealed!!

I lived with someone for a while that played Warcraft from the moment he got in from work until the moment he went to sleep and most of the weekends. He was a funny old soul.

Valula Hedgehog said...

I don't know the first thing about WoW (and I am generally totally crappy at computer games - much to my kids dismay). But the pictures you posted are fantastic. Will have to do a little research I think!

Enjoy :-)

michelle said...

Wow!! Well done for coming out haha!!

Many years ago when my youngest Son was about 7/8 I used to play Sonic The Hedgehog. Seems sooooo old fashioned now, but that was really addictive. I was always soooo pleased with myself when I killed Dr Robotnik!!!

Good for you - have fun - thats what life is for:)
Michelle x

Sue said...

I have no idea what World of Warcraft is about but I'm glad that you had a good weekend.

Sue x

winnibriggs said...

I think its brilliant... you not only craft and chat to us bloggers, but have another interesting side too! I am a secret dancer!...Play me Salsa music and I'm off, so you see we all have our 'other sides'. Nice to learn more about yours. PS I agree the graphics are awesome.