Friday, 16 July 2010


I was sat deep in thought this morning pondering the meaning of life over a cup of coffee ...well okay I was trying to make up my mind whether to watcher 'This Morning' or read my new book, when a loud knock at the door brought me out of my reverie.
When the postie handed me a parcel that definitely wasn't the book I've got on order from amazon I was intrigued as to who it was from and what it contained....
Well it was from the lovely Lynda who must have known somehow that a cheer-me-up was much needed today.....

 How cute is this brooch?
I am re-vamping a little jacket of mine and this will look just perfect on the collar.

 I think this needs a hot cup of coffee and tonights Emmerdale to accompany it!

 How completely pretty is this just sums summer up completely.
So thank you Lynda you cheered me up lots today.
Check back over the weekend folks for my giveaway.
Em xxx 


Debbie said...

Lovely gifts from your lovely friend!
Life just doesn`t get any better!


bekimarie said...

Isn't blogging wonderful, such great friendships to be made!
Love the brooch!

B xxx

Sue said...

Lovely pressies, I bet the chocolate didn't last long!

Sue xx

Kandi said...

How lovely, I want that brooch!!!
I love blogging, I have made so many lovely friend that I have never even met!
Kandi x

LaaLaa said...

I'm glad it arrived OK and that you like it Em. I thought you'd like the brooch. I've got one too. Kandi, watch your post box! Lynda xxx

Little Messy Missy said...

Very sweet package!!!

Cheryl said...

What a lovely gift and unexpected as well. Certainly beats the junk mail that even our postman complains about.