Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Re-Visiting My Childhood in Saltaire.

Todays trip to Saltaire was great fun and full of memories for both myself and My Mum who I was with.
My Grandma lived in Saltaire until she moved to Pudsey 11 years ago and before that She had lived, worked and raised her family there so it was interesting and a little poignant to go back to old haunts I remember from my childhood.
As We had four children with us including a couple of very young 'uns it wasn't the day to do too much pavement bashing and as the weather was a bit rubbish...constant drizzle, you know the stuff that seems to make you even wetter than actual rain We didn't stay too long but I'm definitely going to go back very soon.

When I was a child and we used to go to Roberts Park I was always desperate to join the huge crowd of kids who were allowed to play in the river at this weir!
Looking at it now I'm not surprised my Mum always said no!!

 I think this pretty houseboat is actually a cafe or restaurant, I really didn't want to get too close as I was holding on tightly to a lively 3 year old and worrying about a clumsy 8 year old at the time.

Salts Mill, I went inside for the first time ever and loved it, but got very nervous about the above mentioned children when I noticed ceramics costing upwards of £995 in 'The Home Store'...eeek!

I did buy a few pretties though...

and this postcard is a print of one of the architechtural drawings before the mill was built in 1851-53.

 I'm very excited about tomorrows day out in York. York is my most favourite city in the UK and I've already planned a day full of museums for us to browse!

Em xx


Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. I find it strange to go back to childhood haunts. I know the place, but I don't.

Kate said...

I'm not surprised you weren't allowed to swim in there. Looks a little murky.

The English Writer said...

Fantastic. Re-visiting is wonderful. I also love York, after Manchester it is my favourite City in the UK too, I have some very happy memories of it. It has so much to give, I wish I had more time to visit, have a fab time, xx

LaaLaa said...

What a lovely post, Em! Looks like you all had a good day. Don't forget to email me your address for the giveaway! Lynda xxx

Amanda said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Have a lovely day in York...and stay away from that Cath Kidston shop! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

The Girl said...

So nice to revisit places from childhood and view them with fresh eyes!

Have a lovely time in York - very jealous!

Sue said...

Glad you had a good day, the barge looks lovely, shame you couldn't get any closer. Like your buys, hope you had a good day in York.