Friday, 25 June 2010

Farewells,Familiar Faces and Flights of Fancy.

Yesterday was the day We as a family together said our last goodbyes to my lovely Grandma.
She had 4 children, 11 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren!
So there was a lot of us there,some had travelled all the way from from a small town in the Republic of Ireland called Enniscorthy where my Gran was originally from.
As with all funerals there were tears and a few laughs too and the bit where you know its going to be a really sad day but you can't help but look forward to catching up with all those familiar faces you only really see at occasions like funerals and weddings.

 On a much happier note its that time of year again where people get away from it all on their holidays, my middle daughter Mica is flying out to the USA on tuesday to stay with our family in Centralia, Il for a month.
Its Mica's third year of travelling out there on her own,but I'll still end up sitting anxiously tracking her flights until I know she's arrived safely.

 We are looking to book a trip away this weekend too, but We aren't planning on going away until October, We are going to Tunisia to visit our friend Adel and his family out there. But as Adel works for most of the year in Italy October is the only month He'll be home for any significant amount of time.
I'm hoping to take the oppurtunity to pick up some goodies for Mousy Brown's 
Snail Mail Swap.

 As I am the November swap partner.
So I'm going to try and get off the tourist trail and find some really nice tunisian lovlies.

Anyways thats me for now.
Have a lovely weekend.
Em xx 


LaaLaa said...

Ah, I'm glad your gran had a lovely send off, Em! xxx

Taz said...

((((Hugs)))) for your Gran's service.

Would you believe where me and the smalls are going on holiday this October?

Jill said...

A sad day for all your family.

When I've lost someone close to me, I dedicate a tree through The Woodland Trust. It makes me happy knowing that there's a little tree starting life in a newly planted wood somewhere in the UK. One day when they've become established I'll visit them with Violet. I sound daft don't I?

Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend.

Cheryl said...

Funerals are bitter/sweet. It is final, but at the same time its fun to catch up with family you don't see often. Everytime we all promise to arrange a non-funeral event to get everyone together. Hmmm, until the next funeral.

Ah holidays to look forward to.

Valula Hedgehog said...

Em, I'm sorry to hear about your Gran's passing. She sounds like a lovely lady and I have no doubt that she will be well missed.

Em xxx

Valula Hedgehog said...

Em, I'm sorry to hear about your Gran's passing. She sounds like a lovely lady and I have no doubt that she will be well missed.

Em xxx

Sue said...

Glad the funeral was as good as could be expected in the circumstances. Hope your daughter has a great time in America. Have a good weekend.

Sue x

The Girl said...

That's the strange thing about funerals, they end up like family reunions, we were taking photos at my Grandma's funeral because her brother was in NZ and couldn't make it over for the funeral and it's the only time all the family was ever together to have a full family photo!

Very jealous of middle daughter getting to go all the away to America. Can I be smuggled over in her suitcase?!

Mousy Brown said...

I'm very excited - roll on Swap month! Sounds like a lovely get together for your Gran - Joy in the sadness bringing you all together....
Hope your daughter has a fantastic time and you survive the worry! Take care Em x