Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Come Fly With Me...

I got up at the indecent hour of 5 am this morning, which might not seem so bad to some people but as it was close to 2am when I actually went to bed (and by bed I mean dozing on the settee whilst watching Comedy Central).
I have an absolute terror about missing flights so if We or any of our family are flying early I can't help but stay up most of the night to ensure the flight is caught on time!
   Anyways our middle daughter the lovely Mica (or Meetle or even sometimes Mim) is en route to the USA now, she is due to land in Chicago's O'Hare Airport at 6pm UK time and catch her connection to St Louis and finally arrive there at 10pm our time or 4pm CST.

 So no Mica for a whole month...
Its going to be very quiet around here but I'll miss her loads, and I'm dead jealous of her..I have to wait until October for my holiday!
Em xxx


Taz said...

Oh yeah wouldn't it be great to be jetting off just now and not having to wait for months.
I'm like you and never sleep when I've got a flight to catch - part excitement, part fear of missing the flight. LOL

Oh and the coffee thing I'm totally sticking to my kettle and instant unless my hint works and someone gives me to review. Mind you then I'd probably do the review then shove it in the back of a cupboard cos it was too fiddly to use all the time. :)

Amanda said...

How exciting! I bet that month flies by! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Jill said...

She's gonna have such a great time. Lucky girl.
PS - that crochet flower thing is doing my head in.

A Country Girl said...

I am just the same - can never sleep if there is an early flight to be caught.
Just popped by your blog as I liked the name!

Becky/Skein Gang said...

What fun for her! But I know you will miss her. I don't know if I could go without my darling girl for a month! (Wait, that means she and her brother wouldn't be constantly fighting...hmmmm)

If you do make it to the states, swing by Oklahoma and I will show you some beautiful sites :-)

winnibriggs said...

Hi Em
You were wrong! You are one of the first 3!
Can you let me have your address for your PIF gift. My email is on my blog.
Ps So jealous of that trip.
Jenny x