Monday, 10 May 2010

Out and About in Edinburgh.

Our weekend in Edinburgh was a great success...I am now in love with this absolutely beautiful, fascinating city and can't wait to get back for another visit!
I think the best thing to do is share some of my pictures of the weekend instead of rambling on for days about it..because I really am enthusiastic about just how much I looove Edinburgh...

View from an open top bus,the tour was really interesting but We were distracted by it been a bit too cold!!

I spotted this rather handsme chap on the front of Jenners department store.


 We couldn't resist the vintage bus for our guided tour.


 These were dotted all over the city centre much to Evie's delight!


 I was absolutely fascinated by the names of some of the tall narrow closes that used to house people in their thousands.


The obligatory of literally hundreds We saw and heard over the weekend!


This scary looking but incredibly pleasant lady is the worlds most pierced person, currently she has 6962 piercings...ouch!!

We also visited the Edinburgh Dungeon where a roaming cannibal called Evie 'Snack Size' much to her consternation and our amusement. 
And We visited an amazing place called The Real Mary Kings Close...We had an underground tour there of what was once the lower houses of some of the tall tenement buildings in the 16th and 17th was all originally open to the skies and home to many thousands of people who lived in terribly squalid conditions.
At one point in the 17th century the plague swept through the area like wildfire...legend has it that Edinburghs plague victims were bricked up inside their homes and left to die from either the plague or starvation, but the guide on this tour was quick to reassure us that it was nothing but an urban myth albeit a very old one!
Apparently families with the plague hung a white rag from a window and stayed indoors, in return for not going outside and passing the illness on to more people they were provided with bread,ale and wine for nourishment!
Unfortunates who died had their homes disinfected and everything burned by special employees of the crown known as 'Foul Clengers'....
Incase you're wondering why the street is named after Mary is because in the mid 17th century Mary King was a prominent business woman, her husband had died and she became a Burgess..she voted in his place and had a say in city matters...for a woman to rise to such prominence back then was a rare occurence so naming a street after her is probably only a little bit of recognition for what she stood for!
I could ramble on and on and on about this forever as it interests me so much.
But I wont..if you've never been to Edinburgh and you have the chance to go..GO!!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
Em xx


Cheryl said...

I used to go to Edinburgh on business, many moons ago. I spent all day in meeting rooms and didn't see anything, except the beautiful buildings as I whizzed passed in the taxi. Its about time I went back and saw Edinburgh for real. Thanks for the lovely interesting description.

It sounds like you had a very full weekend.

Becky/Skein Gang said...

Definitely one of the places I would love to see! I love all things historical. It sounds like you had an awesome time.

jacqueline said...

Such a lovely weekend! Thanks so much for sharing such gorgeous photos with us! Edinburgh is sich a beautiful place! That lady with the world most pierced person looks really scary. hehe Have a lovely merry happy weeek and love to you!

Jill said...

OMG - that pierced lady would scare the pants off me, your daughter is very brave standing next to her for a photo.

I love Edinburgh - the last time I ventured up there, I visited Holyrood Palace.

The Girl said...

I've only been to Edinburgh once a few years ago and just for an overnight stay but I thought it was lovely, we did a dungeon tour and scared ourselves witless. I would love to go back because the weekend was more about the boozing and less about the culture!

LaaLaa said...

It looks like you had a great weekend Em. I'm glad. I love Edinburgh! It is probably my favourite place in the UK but, as I live in the Midlands, it's a nightmare to get to. My friend went last year and bought me back loads of books etc. Fab! Lynda xxx

Sue said...

Glad you had such a good time. My son has been there and said it's somewhere we should try and visit, maybe one day.

Emma said...

I love Edinburgh too! It has so much to see and do, when I was there we went on a ghost tour, which was actually a real hoot, and to a place where people used to live under the city, that was a bit spooky.
Love all your crochet creations, clever you..x