Friday, 14 May 2010


Hello to my very first postcard from Postcrossing , I read about postcrossing on another blog recently and was fascinated by the idea that I could get postcards from all over the world for nothing more than the price of a few postcards and postage stamps!
So I sent my first five postcards away last week to USA,Germany,Finland,China and New Zealand.
Can you believe the first to arrive at its destination was the NZ tracelled over 18,000 km in just 7 days! 
So far all but the one to China have arrived and now I've started getting cards back..

This is my only one so far, from a lady called Marilau in The Netherlands.
I can't wait to get more!!

Goodbye earlier today to my doggy house guest Hank, My sister and her husband arrived home from their trip to egypt last night and We said goodbye to Hank this afternoon, I love having him to stay but his hair makes my nose run and me sneeze constantly!!

                            Hank and Coco getting cosy together.

This little pot was my 'Thank You' present for looking after Hank.
I've not got much planned for the weekend so far, I'll probably go and paint a pot at my friends paint-a-pot-shop and I'm hoping to get a good bit of the wedding bunting done and make time for some crochet too.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Em xx


winnibriggs said...

That postcard thingy sounds great, will have to look into that. I'm finishing my Apron for the Apron swap and then have some new cushions to make.
Have a great weekend.

Cheryl said...

I bet we read the same post. I've signed up for Postcrossing too. I've only sent one so far - to France. They've received it. Maybe I ought to live dangerously and send out a few more!

Enjoy your weekend. (shuffles off to find postcards....)

Sue said...

This postcrossing thing sounds interesting. Think I'll go and have a look at the site. Good luck with the bunting and have a good weekend.
Sue x

Jill said...

You'll love postcrossing Em.

The Girl said...

I need to get in on this postcrossing thing, did you hear about it on Jill's blog? I'm all in favour of getting cool post that isn't a bill!