Sunday, 16 May 2010

Crafty Sunday Week 1.

Well I signed up for the Crafty Sunday project over at Maria's Lovely Blog and instantly panicked because ..aaaaaargh what could I make?
Obviously I hadn't read the original post properly where it says to show what you've made during the week..because I'm always in too much of a hurry to read instructions and of course I know EVERYTHING so why on earth would I bother with instructions ever???
Anyway as I'm still getting to grips with my sewing machine I decided to have a go at some little hearts in pretty pinks and lilacs.
I still need lots of practice sewing round shapes instead of straight lines but for my first attempt I'm rather pleased!

 Em xx 


bekimarie said...

I certainly wouldn't think they're your first attempt, well done you, they're lovely.
I have to admit I quite enjoy making hearts, think I may now feel some coming on.

B xxx

Cheryl said...

I think your hearts look really good. Curves are more fiddly, but are lovely when finished. I like the fabric you chose. I'm a sucker for gingham.

The crafty Sunday project looks like a good idea. Anything to keep me focused on finishing a project. Do you think its too late to sign up?

Sue said...

The hearts are really pretty. You are obviously doing very well with your sewing machine, despite what you say.

Sue x

winnibriggs said...

Those hearts are lovely, you seem to be mastering that machine OK to me.
PS asked hubby if we could adopt and he said after reading your profile that there wouldn't be room for your stash and mine....Sorry!!
Love Jenny x

Mika said...

Love the hearts. Mika (