Monday, 31 May 2010

Better Late Than Never...

Another hugely busy week has flown by with me hardly having a minute to myself!
Then the weekend was just a whirl of parties that I didn't have time to think further than my next pair of earrings!
On Friday We went to a 'LOST' party at my Sister Jody's house to celebrate the end of the TV show Lost.
We've all been huge fans of it since day one so Friday night was a chance to get together and discuss the ending with each other and eat lots of nice food!
We had a quiz too which I'm proud to say I won.
Saturday night was our annual Eurovision party at my friend Helen's house where we chatted for hours ignored the actual singing bit of the contest and watched the scoring avidly as We'd each drawn a country in a sweepstake...and I won that too earning myself £10, which Evie has since talked me into spending on 'St Trinians, The Legend of Fritton's Gold' ,we watched this earlier tonight and my opinion of it is..hmmmmm
Then on Sunday We had a family barbecue at Harry's house and ate yet more delicious food and chatted even more!!

There were lots of good home made goodies on offer to eat..greek salad, potato salad, salsa and delicious chilli jam mmm.

So onto my craft for the week and I've just not had that much time to do anything much but I did make this little bag for Evie from Patons Smoothie DK and some of those gorgeous shell buttons I bought recently.

I'm going to visit the historical village of Saltaire tomorrow and then a full day out in York on Wednesday which I'm really looking forward too, hopefully I'll find time in the evenings to blog about both of these trips.
Em xx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hooking and a Few Impulse Buys..

I seem to have lost my way with my crochet hook recently..these few little birdies have taken me forever to complete and I promised them to my sister Jody ages ago..anyways I'm going to embroider some eyes on them and string them all together on a string after I've finished blogging and YAY ME!! finished!

 So feeling that I needed to get my hooky vibe back I set out to browse a local yarn shop today and found this yummy stuff just sitting waiting for me to buy it and take it home...and cuddle it for a while too!

I don't know what I'll use it for yet but I think something for me...I seem to crochet endlessly for other people and never ever for myself.

Whilst I was in the yarn shop well actually its a craft shop I found a few other little treasures...

Isn't She a cutie..I got four of these all different...I can't wait to sew them, of course my girls have already laid claim to one each!

                                   And look at these babies..

 I can't resist shell buttons and I certainly couldn't pass these beauties by, sadly though I dropped them about an hour ago and I found all but one of them...hmmm probably gone forever like little things often do in my house!
Em xx

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Crafty Sunday

Not a lot to show this week because I've basically done nothing except laze about in the sun!
I did rouse myself enough to make about 15 metres of bunting for Ruby's wedding...sorry the photos are a bit rubbish...the bunting was too long and tangly for me to fight with tonight!

Hope everyone has a lovely week.
Em xx 

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sunny Saturday In Shepley.

After spending a good bit of this week lazing in the sun reading and drinking endless coffees We decided to head out today and enjoy an afternoon at Shepley Spring Festival.

 There were various different troupes of dancers..morris dancers, clog dancers, sword dancers, highland dancers..

There was a great craft tent selling all sorts of beautiful handcrafted items and oppurtunities to craft something yourself.

                                         Evie making a necklace.
 And of course no fete,fair or festival is complete without the obligatory candy floss stand.

We just didn't expect to get the biggest stick of candy floss ever! But We persevered and ate every scrap...

Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend too.
Em xx 

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Happy Crochet-versary

Today is the one year anniversary of my learning to crochet..I remember sitting glued to the internet watching endless videos on you tube over and over until it finally just clicked.
My very first project was a blanket for my daughter Mica made with these lovely bright colours.

At first I was taking a good hour or more to make one granny square, so these took me ages, luckily at the time we had a free trial of all the movie channels on Sky TV so I sat and watched endless films whilst I crocheted.

It was finally finished in July whilst Mica was in the USA, I had to sew it together at night as it was too hot during the day when I was sitting under it sewing the squares together!
The day Mica came home after an overnight flight she spent a good part of the day curled up under it asleep after giving me the huge amount of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups I insist she brings back for me!!

So thats it..a whole year of crochet, a yarn addiction and an introduction to lots of other crafts I would never have thought to have tried!!

One last little thing though...
Look what I got yesterday...

How delicious are these??
Em xx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Crafty Sunday Week 1.

Well I signed up for the Crafty Sunday project over at Maria's Lovely Blog and instantly panicked because ..aaaaaargh what could I make?
Obviously I hadn't read the original post properly where it says to show what you've made during the week..because I'm always in too much of a hurry to read instructions and of course I know EVERYTHING so why on earth would I bother with instructions ever???
Anyway as I'm still getting to grips with my sewing machine I decided to have a go at some little hearts in pretty pinks and lilacs.
I still need lots of practice sewing round shapes instead of straight lines but for my first attempt I'm rather pleased!

 Em xx 

Saturday, 15 May 2010

A (Not So) Wild Night In...

I started out today by not actually getting dressed until I really had to...about 5 minutes before We went out at 2.30 this afternoon, I don't know why but I love days where I lounge abvout in pyjamas until after lunch or sometimes in the winter when its horrible outside I don't get dressed at all then I've always got an excuse not to go out!
But anyways I did get dressed and out We went, Evie goes to an art class on Saturday afternoons and We often go to Hotch Potch and sometimes just sit and chat with my lovely friend Julie and other times We actually do some pot painting.
I started this little plate today but I'm not entirely happy with it...

I hope next time I go I can brighten it up a bit.
Then tonight We had another crafty night at Ruby's house so that Ruby could get some help assembling her wedding invitations.
Ruby,Mica and Helen formed a production line, I carried on with the never ending bunting and Ruby's fiancee Daz was dispatched to get essential supplies of chips and chocolate!

Em xx

Friday, 14 May 2010


Hello to my very first postcard from Postcrossing , I read about postcrossing on another blog recently and was fascinated by the idea that I could get postcards from all over the world for nothing more than the price of a few postcards and postage stamps!
So I sent my first five postcards away last week to USA,Germany,Finland,China and New Zealand.
Can you believe the first to arrive at its destination was the NZ tracelled over 18,000 km in just 7 days! 
So far all but the one to China have arrived and now I've started getting cards back..

This is my only one so far, from a lady called Marilau in The Netherlands.
I can't wait to get more!!

Goodbye earlier today to my doggy house guest Hank, My sister and her husband arrived home from their trip to egypt last night and We said goodbye to Hank this afternoon, I love having him to stay but his hair makes my nose run and me sneeze constantly!!

                            Hank and Coco getting cosy together.

This little pot was my 'Thank You' present for looking after Hank.
I've not got much planned for the weekend so far, I'll probably go and paint a pot at my friends paint-a-pot-shop and I'm hoping to get a good bit of the wedding bunting done and make time for some crochet too.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Em xx

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wednesday Craft Night....Hi-Jacked By Lola.

We have a regular craft night at My sister Ruby's house on a Wednesday night, where We get together with friends and our various crafty projects, eat too many crisps and drink lots of coffee and talk (mostly about Ruby's wedding at the moment).
But tonight all wedding talk was outdone by Ruby's youngest daughter Lola showing off her new skill...


and of course there was lots of cheering and clapping and ooohing and aaahing which Lola loved as she was feeling all hot and grumpy after her MMR vaccination today.

There were only four of us crafting this week but we still managed to bring very different projects with us...

I took my travelling crochet case as I'm making more little birdies for another of my sisters Jody.
Our friend Helen is making a patchwork quilt for her daughters 21st birthday later this year, she's using patches cut from her daughters old clothes thats she's saved over the years.
This week she used all these beautiful blue florals...

And Ruby is sewing her wedding dress!

We had a sneaky preview of it tonight and its looking amazing and still only in the early stages!
My daughter Mica came along too and didn't bring a project, unless you count browsing the internet for nice clothes for Ruby's wedding and chatting on Facebook!
But as always We had a brilliant night.
Em xx

Monday, 10 May 2010

Out and About in Edinburgh.

Our weekend in Edinburgh was a great success...I am now in love with this absolutely beautiful, fascinating city and can't wait to get back for another visit!
I think the best thing to do is share some of my pictures of the weekend instead of rambling on for days about it..because I really am enthusiastic about just how much I looove Edinburgh...

View from an open top bus,the tour was really interesting but We were distracted by it been a bit too cold!!

I spotted this rather handsme chap on the front of Jenners department store.


 We couldn't resist the vintage bus for our guided tour.


 These were dotted all over the city centre much to Evie's delight!


 I was absolutely fascinated by the names of some of the tall narrow closes that used to house people in their thousands.


The obligatory of literally hundreds We saw and heard over the weekend!


This scary looking but incredibly pleasant lady is the worlds most pierced person, currently she has 6962 piercings...ouch!!

We also visited the Edinburgh Dungeon where a roaming cannibal called Evie 'Snack Size' much to her consternation and our amusement. 
And We visited an amazing place called The Real Mary Kings Close...We had an underground tour there of what was once the lower houses of some of the tall tenement buildings in the 16th and 17th was all originally open to the skies and home to many thousands of people who lived in terribly squalid conditions.
At one point in the 17th century the plague swept through the area like wildfire...legend has it that Edinburghs plague victims were bricked up inside their homes and left to die from either the plague or starvation, but the guide on this tour was quick to reassure us that it was nothing but an urban myth albeit a very old one!
Apparently families with the plague hung a white rag from a window and stayed indoors, in return for not going outside and passing the illness on to more people they were provided with bread,ale and wine for nourishment!
Unfortunates who died had their homes disinfected and everything burned by special employees of the crown known as 'Foul Clengers'....
Incase you're wondering why the street is named after Mary is because in the mid 17th century Mary King was a prominent business woman, her husband had died and she became a Burgess..she voted in his place and had a say in city matters...for a woman to rise to such prominence back then was a rare occurence so naming a street after her is probably only a little bit of recognition for what she stood for!
I could ramble on and on and on about this forever as it interests me so much.
But I wont..if you've never been to Edinburgh and you have the chance to go..GO!!
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
Em xx

Friday, 7 May 2010

Sneaking Off To....

Edinburgh..on a very early train tomorrow morning!
As my eldest daughter Kia couldn't make it home for Evie's birthday We decided to meet halfway between Barnsley where We live and Aberdeen where Kia is studying and spend a weekend together with Evie tagging along as well.
So Edinburgh it is...
I'm pretty excited as I've never been to Edinburgh except passing through the train station on my way further north or south.
So I need to pack something to amuse myself for 3 hours on a train..hmmm

Do you like my hooky travelling kit??
And as I've got a whole weeks worth of Ambridge goings on to catch up on I'm going to listen to a whole weeks worth of 'The Archers' on the train too.

Today I've most of the day pinning and cutting out billions of flags for the wedding bunting!
Now all I need to do is string the whole lot of 'em together!

While I was in a bunting mood I made some for Kia to hang in her new flat that she's got lined up for next year, all the flags in this are made from recycled (or is it upcycled?? I don't know the difference) materials..the only bits that are new are the pink I used for the letters and the tape, the rest are Evies old summer clothes that were a bit too worn to pass on to my nieces.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
Em xx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Its Great To Be Eight!

Or at least thats what my youngest daughter Evangeline tells me..after all it was so long ago now for me I hardly remember!
Evie turned eight today and had lots of fun celebrating it...
This pile of presents first thing this morning....

became this pile of gifts and cards before We left for school!

'Cool I can make bombs now' were Evies first words upon opening the present containing her chemistry set!
And as She has the day off school tomorrow (her school is our local polling station) I've promised her a whole day of using her new sewing machine and conducting experiments eeek!!!
A small tea party for all the family children was the order of the day with the usual 'Doctor Who' cake...I would love to bake Evie's birthday cake but I just couldn't do The Doctor justice!

And finally We have a house guest for the next week or so...Hank!

Here He is enjoying a cuddle with Evie and Coco.
Em xx

Monday, 3 May 2010

Skip Diving and Some Bunting.

Im preparation for her wedding reception my sister Ruby has started clearing the land next to their cottage and has hired a skip to fill with all the garden rubbish they're bound to have!
Anyway as is always the case with skips..if you leave it unattended some one else will put their junk in it imagine my joy when I discovered this little beauty on top of the pile in Ruby's skip..

It needed nothing more than a few dots of wood glue and a clean.

Still on the subject of the wedding as I mentioned in my last post I am chief bunting maker, so with that in mind I made and had approved by Ruby my proto-type white wedding bunting, so now all I need to do is make about 50 miles of the stuff!!
 Still in a bunting mood though I made some for my two little nieces...

Poppy was mildly interested in hers before it paled into insignificance next to the play-doh ice cream parlour I bought her for her birthday and Lola didn't even look at hers..but to be fair she's only 1 and was asleep at the time!
Hope everyone is having a nice restful bank holiday.
Em xx

Saturday, 1 May 2010

New Projects...(Should Be Old Ones..But Its New Ones)

I seem to have not had a spare minute recently...although I couldn't tell you what I've been so busy doing!
I just seem to have spent all my time doing little odd jobs around the house or trying desperately to finish one of my billions of 'works-in-progress' before I start any more.
Also I've been so incredibly tired in the evenings that I've been tucked up in bed well before the time I would usually sit down and write anything here...
So anyways excuses over now..heres a few projects that I finished this week and OK I started them this week too...

The crocheted flowers on the cushion were just an excuse to play with some lovely 'Twilley's Spirit' yarn I bought recently, the cushion itself was a lovely soft Boden skirt that showed off too many of my many lumps and bumps.
It was far too nice to part with so its got a new role in life now...a lovely squashy cushion!

My sister Ruby and her fiancee decided last week to bring their wedding forward by a whole year...eeek!
I am chief bunting maker so I really need to get to get to grips with my sewing machine so I've started playing about with it..making little bits and pieces etc...not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination yet but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

I made the little bags for my nephew Elliott and niece Lola.
Elliott loved his and took it to bed with him...Lola threw hers on the floor.
Tomorrow is my bunting practice day, so hopefully I'll have some decent results to share with you.
Em xx