Friday, 16 April 2010

This Week..

This week so far I seem to have done loads of little bits of things but not actually completed anything.
I really wanted to spend time with my daughters though before they go back to school and college on Monday and I have,I've spent some good quality time with them watching far too much TV and showing them both the basics of embroidery which is my current project.

I bought a faded denim bag for £3 at Primark last week with the intention of customising it somehow so I'm working on that and will hopefully have some results to show you next week. 
I've also tried to do at least a couple of rows on my big zig-zag blanket every evening so I'm at nearly 50 rows now I think with it..I'm hoping thats about half way.

We have a crafty get together at my sister Ruby's house on a wednesday night and this week as Ruby is getting married next year she decided to start work on her wedding dress.
She bought a really gorgeous vintage white satin dress recently with the intention of taking bits off it and attaching new bits etc etc..
I actually love the dress as it is, its a really heavy pure white satin with no adornment at all,a simple neckline and long sleeves...I think its simplicity is its beauty.
BUT it is tiny...absolutely teeny weeny, My daughter Mica who is a size 8 tried it on and we couldn't fasten it,. It must have origanally belonged to someone very slim with tiny thin arms!

My current guilty pleasure is this...

I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time this week glued to the DVD and then streaming and watching the as yet un-aired in the UK episode on my computer.
I don't often like a TV show as much as I'm enjoying Glee, its just so happy and fun.
I think the official title for someone like me is a GLEEK !!

Have a great weekend.
Em xx


Sue said...

Look forward to seeing what you do with the bag. Hope the dress alterations go well. Have a good weekend.

Becky/Skein Gang said...

That dress is stunning! I'm like you, I think it looks awesome as it is, but, of course, every bride wants to make her dress her own.

jaccqueline said...

Sounds like you had a pretty wonderful time with your lovely daughters and how fun to be crafting together! I am looking forward to see what you do with your bag too. :) WOW that dress is gorgeous and i hope the alterations go well! Hope your weekend was fun and wishing you a lovely week ahead! Love to you!

Mary Poppins said...

Good luck with dress, it is gorgeous. Thanks for liking my billy, the little ones are only £9.99 so a fabulous price :0)

Have fun


Tracy Suzanne said...

Good Morning Em!

I'm so happy to hear from you. You have been on my mind for days now. Everyday I say I'm going to check in on you and say hi but it just doesn't happen. I haven't spent much time getting to catch up with anyone lately.

But when I say you've been on my mind, I really mean it, for days now!

Love the wedding gown. I too am a glee follower. That's such a fun show.

Have a lovely week Sweetie. Hugs...Tracy :)

The Girl said...

Yesterday was the best Monday in a few weeks because Glee came back on TV. Can't express how happy that show makes me. Really want the DVD but I'm trying to hold out until I can get the whole series in one go. I already have an inordinate number of DVD box sets, it's unhealthy.