Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Back to Reality..

Yep..after a brilliant holiday (long) weekend as always I've come back down with a big bump!
My oldest daughter Kia is home from Uni and she brought a German friend with her so We went all out to show him a good time in Yorkshire..
I'm not entirely sure what that is but it entailed plenty of this...

And lots of singing and dancing...We invested in a dancing game for our Wii and it went down a involves enough energetic throwing about of various appendages that it probably counts as a very good watch this space I may take it up full time eek!

I've not really had any time for crochet except to struggle and fail most miserably to make some egg cosies.
I did however pull my yarn stash drawers to pieces looking for my missing bag project and I finally found it underneath the drawers...I think the drawer it was in must have been so overcrowded that the bag fell out of the back and ended up underneath the chest of drawers.

So I plan on spending the next however long getting this finished and getting a good bit of my alpaca zig-zag done too..and if I get bored I'll try the egg cosies again!
Anyways thats me for now, hope everyone else had a lovely Easter weekend.
Em xx 


The Girl said...

Man I so want to have a go on that Wii dancing game - probably put someone eyes out though!

The bag's looking good, hope you manage to get on track and get on with it.

The English Writer said...

ve the look of those bubbles! Nothing wrong with having plenty of them either! Sounds as though you had a wonderful time, and hope you feel refreshed now you're back, have a lovely day, Karen xx

Sue said...

Glad you had a good weekend. The pin cushion does sit on top of a glass jar, handy storage and very easy to make. The bag looks good, were is the pattern from? Oh and good luck with the egg cosies.