Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Like everyone else in the world I love to recieve gifts of any sort, but the best ones are the ones you least expect.
So I've been more than happy this week with three unexpected gifts!
On Saturday I recieved this yummy book from my friend Julie over at Hotch Potch .

I just need to find a few undisturbed hours to get hooking some of these cuties!

Then on Monday I recieved a bag full of yarn and an old crochet pattern book...from the 80's I think judging by the fashions and hairstyles!

I'll need to dig out my old Duran Duran LP's whilst having a go at some of these retro lovelies. Although really in the 80's I wasn't a big Duran Duran fan, I was far too moody and full of angst, I spent my days listening to The Cure and The Smiths.

And finally just last night my little sis Ruby brought me a huge multi-coloured tangle of ribbons!!

I know they need to be sorted out and rolled seperatley but I just love the colourful messiness of the tangle.
Em x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I spent Friday night at my Mum's house and didn't take much yarn with me...aaaaargh!!!
So I decided to have a go at making a brooch from crocheted flowers.

I raided my little sisters bead box in exchange for the animal bead brooches!!

Of course brooches became my weekend obsession and I made a few more...

and it continued today too....

By this afternoon though I'd got a bit showy-offy and tried a couple in my lovely yummy new Twilley's 'Spirit' wool...
 Although to be truthful, I haven't spent  much time doing anything much this past few days except reading.
I'm reading 'Wolf Hall' by Hilary Mantle and its absolutely brilliant, I'm totally and utterly gripped by it.
Hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed some sunshine, My daughter in Aberdeen called about an hour ago to moan that it was snowing there again!
Em xx

Friday, 16 April 2010

This Week..

This week so far I seem to have done loads of little bits of things but not actually completed anything.
I really wanted to spend time with my daughters though before they go back to school and college on Monday and I have,I've spent some good quality time with them watching far too much TV and showing them both the basics of embroidery which is my current project.

I bought a faded denim bag for £3 at Primark last week with the intention of customising it somehow so I'm working on that and will hopefully have some results to show you next week. 
I've also tried to do at least a couple of rows on my big zig-zag blanket every evening so I'm at nearly 50 rows now I think with it..I'm hoping thats about half way.

We have a crafty get together at my sister Ruby's house on a wednesday night and this week as Ruby is getting married next year she decided to start work on her wedding dress.
She bought a really gorgeous vintage white satin dress recently with the intention of taking bits off it and attaching new bits etc etc..
I actually love the dress as it is, its a really heavy pure white satin with no adornment at all,a simple neckline and long sleeves...I think its simplicity is its beauty.
BUT it is tiny...absolutely teeny weeny, My daughter Mica who is a size 8 tried it on and we couldn't fasten it,. It must have origanally belonged to someone very slim with tiny thin arms!

My current guilty pleasure is this...

I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time this week glued to the DVD and then streaming and watching the as yet un-aired in the UK episode on my computer.
I don't often like a TV show as much as I'm enjoying Glee, its just so happy and fun.
I think the official title for someone like me is a GLEEK !!

Have a great weekend.
Em xx

Monday, 12 April 2010

Spring Sunday

As a family We suffered a very sad loss late last summer and as I'm sure happens in all families different people deal with their grief in different ways.
My youngest sister is only 9 years old and she seems to have found great comfort in the church, so much so that she decided that she wanted to be christened. always happens in our family ...any excuse for a party! 
Honestly We can party with the best of them at any occasion, birthdays, weddings, funerals, the last episode of a favourite TV name it,We party for it.
Not that I'd like anyone to think We're a bunch of drink sodden ravers...its all about great food and great company for us, a chance for everyone to catch up since they last saw each other. There's always tears and laughter and usually a bit of arguing amongst the kids!
So anyways..this Sunday was my lovely little sisters christening and epic party afterwards.
The sun shone for us and the weather was warm.
The food was delicious...
and the company was awesome...
I just love it when we get together as a huge group of family and close friends.

 There was lots of this.

  and lots of this!

It really was the perfect way to start the spring/summer season off and I hope the lovely weekend was the first of many more this summer.
Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend too.
Em xx

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Look What I've Found...

A while back a good friend who works in a charity shop gave me a bag of old crafty magazines that would have otherwise been thrown in the rubbish bin.
I immediately put the bag under my desk with every intention of getting the contents out later on when I had time to peruse them.
Well about 9 months down the line and I've finally rememered they were there ...look what they are...


A huge stack of cross stitch goodies!!
Theres loads of interesting patterns and pictures and lots of food for thought.

Now I used to enjoy cross stitch when I was growing up, but then suddenly it became the uncoolest thing ever for a teenager in Manchester so I downed my needle and thread and never really considered it again until now...
But after looking through these magazines I have an irresitable urge to make one of these lovely pictures..

My progress so far is hampered only by my lack aida (I think) fabric, which a swift trip to Hobbycraft will sort out and my seemingly never ending crochet projects!
Em x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Back to Reality..

Yep..after a brilliant holiday (long) weekend as always I've come back down with a big bump!
My oldest daughter Kia is home from Uni and she brought a German friend with her so We went all out to show him a good time in Yorkshire..
I'm not entirely sure what that is but it entailed plenty of this...

And lots of singing and dancing...We invested in a dancing game for our Wii and it went down a involves enough energetic throwing about of various appendages that it probably counts as a very good watch this space I may take it up full time eek!

I've not really had any time for crochet except to struggle and fail most miserably to make some egg cosies.
I did however pull my yarn stash drawers to pieces looking for my missing bag project and I finally found it underneath the drawers...I think the drawer it was in must have been so overcrowded that the bag fell out of the back and ended up underneath the chest of drawers.

So I plan on spending the next however long getting this finished and getting a good bit of my alpaca zig-zag done too..and if I get bored I'll try the egg cosies again!
Anyways thats me for now, hope everyone else had a lovely Easter weekend.
Em xx 

Thursday, 1 April 2010

More Messy Time!

If you remember right at the end of my last post I mentioned an idea that had been buzzing about in my head for a while now??
Well this week I've finally got around to acting on this idea and I'm so incredibly proud of the result...BUT..I found it really really hard to take an even halfway decent photo of it grrrrrr...

Anyways I got given an old mirror a few years ago in a rather tatty old brown wood frame,which I promptly sprayed a sort of silvery-gunmetal metallic colour which looked rather nice if a little boring on my dark red wall...
So I decided to fill in the 'troughs' that run around the frame with coloured beads and I'm just completely overwhelmed by how lovely it is...

And would you believe it really did get a good polish yesterday...but theres been too many sticky fingers touching it since I hung it up!
I hope you forgive my little bit of showy-off excitement but I l-o-v-e my beady mirror so much!
We are ready to enjoy a few days together as a family as our oldest daughter arrived home from university in Aberdeen yesterday with a friend in tow,our younger daughters have finished school and college now for the holidays, the easter eggs are bought (as are the easter cards but yet again neither written nor sent) and a party is planned for Saturday night...good times indeed!
Em xx