Monday, 29 March 2010

A Sticky Situation

We seem to have spent most of our weekend with a rather sticky coating of glue and a light dusting of glitter covering most of my living room..add about a billion beads and jewels and you have the recipe for a lovely sticky messy time (or was that disaster?).
Anyways I was feeling a bit bored with my usual crochet and my current book is tedious so Evie and myself  decided that tea-light holders was the way to go on saturday afternoon...

and I think after all the mess and glueing..they look very sweet!
Then Evie decided to sparkle up a skull that she painted at Hotch Potch last Halloween.

 My Mum and youngest sister came to spend the afternoon with us and even they got caught up in the gluey madness!
My Mum made her own tea light holder and my sister brought a skull she'd painted to sparkle up too!
Then later last night I decided to embark upon a gluey project thats been floating about my mind for some time now...

So far its all gone to plan..and I aim to finish it later today.
Em x


The English Writer said...

I love the starry tea light holder, that's just my thing! Karen x

Sue said...

The tea light holders look good, worth the mess.

Emma said...

I think that's a great way of jazzing up jars for tea lights.
Em x

The Girl said...

Hello!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment - isn't the weather ridiculous? This is most definitely not what I signed up for!

Love the tea lights holders - knowing me I'd have ended up sticking my fingers together and would still be seeing littles bits of glitter out of the corner of my eye adorning my face.