Friday, 26 March 2010

Spring Cleaning...

Well okay the title of this blog is a huge lie..I don't do spring cleaning any more than I do Autumn, Winter or Summer cleaning!
But I wanted a spring-y title and cleaning/clear outs do feature very briefly in my blog.
I desperately wanted to get some crochet projects that had lain idle for a while finished up this last week or firstly I got all my little birdies strung together and finally tonight got them hung up.

I think they look rather pretty..but sooo much fiddling about sewing them up and sewing beads on etc. 
Next I rounded up all those circles that I made before christmas which were intended for scarves..then for a bag,but have actually ended up as a cushion cover..

The grey cushion underneath was a skirt I've not worn for years which I found stashed away in a box in my bedroom.
I've got a huge big bag project somewhere to finish off too, but somehow its gone and got itself lost..I really have no idea at all where it could be either as I'm pretty sure it never left my living room!

Finally I got given two big bags full of yarn the other day..someone I know was clearing out her loft..

There was all sorts of weird and wonderful different yarns in the bags..some judging by the labels was very old too!
Anyways its all filed away neatly in my 'Future Crochet' file..well okay its actually stuffed into a huge green box until at some distant point in the future I have a project that just begs for me to use it.
And thats me for now,have a lovely weekend.
Em x


Sue said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. The birds look great, is the pattern very difficult? I've thought of having a go at them myself.The string bag was a pattern off the internet, I'll try and find it and send you a link if you would like. My daughter didn't do too badly, she has just gone up a class, higher jumps, harder dressage. It's only her second go at this level so all things considered she did very well. Thanks for wishing her luck.

The English Writer said...

My cats would like that very much too! Your fire place looks lovely. Karen x