Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Busy as a ....Busy Person!

Hello Blogiverse,its been a whole week and more since I last blogged,even though I promised myself I wouldn't leave it so long again!
My excuse..well I seem to have been very busy this past week or so..doing what you might well ask??
Well to be truthful 'nowt much..I seem to have endless projects on the go at the moment with no end in sight for any of them,but at least I'm having fun!
Currently I'm crocheting my big alpaca wool blanket,sewing circles together to make a bag,crocheting tiny circles to make little birds...
I am desperate to get these things finished so I can make and embroider a bag from a 'Maxmara' coat I felted last week, Decorate my mirror with beads, make some bunting for my living room..and oooh the list is never ending!

Hopefully these circles and lovely silky stuff will become a bag in the near future. The silky stuff was originally the lining from the aforementioned Maxmara coat.. And incase anyone is suddenly thinking..'ooh Maxmara..this lady is a WAG in disguise!'..I'm most certainly not,I bought the coat from a friend a good few years ago..tried it on and realised I looked like a big red headed toffee, so this coat has hung on my bedroom door for about 4 years gathering dust and recently I thought ..hmmm Ebay or scissors...scissors won!

The next project I'm working on at the moment is these little grey and colouyred stripey circles..I'm going to make them into teeny little birds and string them together.
I've used my circle crocheting time to finally catch up on all the gossip from Ambridge and I usually manage one circle per episode of 'The Archers'.

 Finally I've even neglected reading,which is so unlike me that I can hardly believe it myself..but I discovered this crochet addicts book thrown on a shelf in my bedroom last night,I was given it as a gift for my birthday last November and I promptly read one chapter..put it down and forgot about it until I re-discovered it last night, so I'm well into it now and hopefully I'll have it finished and be able to start the 'Alexander McCall Smith' book peeking out there..I bought this before christmas and lost it in the pile of rubbish (patterns,notes,christmas cards,crisp packets,letters from school etc) that covers the entire surface of my desk!
Well thats all for now folks..hopefully I'll be back soon with some finished projects and some exciting new ones started!
Em xx

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Concetta said...

Hello Em,
thank you for the encouragement - good to know we are not alone (and its not just a downside of living in the big smoke!). Your crochet is gorgeous. Glad you are having fun and here's to spring eh?!