Thursday, 11 March 2010

Airports...Take Note.

I found out a couple of days ago that some of my family are going on holiday in May and after my initial rush of extreme envy because I'm not going away for a long time yet..I got to thinking about how yarn and hooks have become a holiday packing essential now for me along with a library-ful of books and my favourite coffee and travel kettle.

So when I was reading Hooked For Life earlier today and came across the authors idea of having yarn shops in airports,I was instantly intrigued...
Can you imagine the long boring wait after a speedy check in..if instead of the obligatory Tie Rack (Who even shops in there? I've never ever been in and I don't know anyone else who has either) there was a yarn shop,perhaps stocking all kinds of fabulouso wools and yarns from all four corners of the world.
Everything would probably be vastly over-priced (do you get a duty free allowance for yarn?) but I wouldn't entire holiday spending budget would be blown before I'd even boarded the plane!

So its with an ironic sense of shame that I must admit to taking a huge stash of lovely yarn with me to Menorca last summer, along with plenty of hooks, my current work in progress and a stack of patterns for inspiration should I need it and not hooking a single stitch the whole time I was away!

Lazing in the sun doing nothing much all day except for the occasional cooling off swim won the day..every day!

But regardless..I'm still mightily in favour of yarn shops in fact I'd cheer myself up greatly if there was a yarn shop in arrivals as well as departures,a big snuggly pile of soft woolly stuff would be just the thing to shake off the depressing feeling knowing I'm heading back to rainy old Yorkshire.
Airport managers! TAKE NOTE!!!
Em xx

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Jennifer said...

Now that is a brilliant idea, I bet airport yarn shops would get tons of business.