Monday, 29 March 2010

A Sticky Situation

We seem to have spent most of our weekend with a rather sticky coating of glue and a light dusting of glitter covering most of my living room..add about a billion beads and jewels and you have the recipe for a lovely sticky messy time (or was that disaster?).
Anyways I was feeling a bit bored with my usual crochet and my current book is tedious so Evie and myself  decided that tea-light holders was the way to go on saturday afternoon...

and I think after all the mess and glueing..they look very sweet!
Then Evie decided to sparkle up a skull that she painted at Hotch Potch last Halloween.

 My Mum and youngest sister came to spend the afternoon with us and even they got caught up in the gluey madness!
My Mum made her own tea light holder and my sister brought a skull she'd painted to sparkle up too!
Then later last night I decided to embark upon a gluey project thats been floating about my mind for some time now...

So far its all gone to plan..and I aim to finish it later today.
Em x

Friday, 26 March 2010

Spring Cleaning...

Well okay the title of this blog is a huge lie..I don't do spring cleaning any more than I do Autumn, Winter or Summer cleaning!
But I wanted a spring-y title and cleaning/clear outs do feature very briefly in my blog.
I desperately wanted to get some crochet projects that had lain idle for a while finished up this last week or firstly I got all my little birdies strung together and finally tonight got them hung up.

I think they look rather pretty..but sooo much fiddling about sewing them up and sewing beads on etc. 
Next I rounded up all those circles that I made before christmas which were intended for scarves..then for a bag,but have actually ended up as a cushion cover..

The grey cushion underneath was a skirt I've not worn for years which I found stashed away in a box in my bedroom.
I've got a huge big bag project somewhere to finish off too, but somehow its gone and got itself lost..I really have no idea at all where it could be either as I'm pretty sure it never left my living room!

Finally I got given two big bags full of yarn the other day..someone I know was clearing out her loft..

There was all sorts of weird and wonderful different yarns in the bags..some judging by the labels was very old too!
Anyways its all filed away neatly in my 'Future Crochet' file..well okay its actually stuffed into a huge green box until at some distant point in the future I have a project that just begs for me to use it.
And thats me for now,have a lovely weekend.
Em x

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Round After Round...

I've managed a lot of good quality crochet time recently which is always a good thing!
Kia my eldest daughter was home from university on a flying visit, so We decided to spend all Saturday daytime crocheting and catching up with each other..this overlapped into almost all day Sunday and Monday morning before she left at lunchtime...

We were mostly crocheting our version of these little beauties Birdie Decoration.
from this Yumsville  blog.
A friend of mine suggested the slightly smaller birds and I thought they'd look lovely hanging together and that they'd make a change from chocolates or flowers for my Mum on Mothers Day.

Whilst clearing up a little bit in the kitchen today I was about to throw my huge stash of glass jars in the recycling ( leftovers from my obsessive jam making last autumn),when I remembered the hundreds of different patterns and pictures I'd seen on other crochet magazines etc of jars covered very prettily in their very own crochet jackets!

So..this took me a very speedy couple of hours this afternoon in which time I also caught up on the past couple of days episodes of The Archers and a few other interesting podcasts.The only thing now is..I'm itching to make loads and loads of these!
Em x

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Airports...Take Note.

I found out a couple of days ago that some of my family are going on holiday in May and after my initial rush of extreme envy because I'm not going away for a long time yet..I got to thinking about how yarn and hooks have become a holiday packing essential now for me along with a library-ful of books and my favourite coffee and travel kettle.

So when I was reading Hooked For Life earlier today and came across the authors idea of having yarn shops in airports,I was instantly intrigued...
Can you imagine the long boring wait after a speedy check in..if instead of the obligatory Tie Rack (Who even shops in there? I've never ever been in and I don't know anyone else who has either) there was a yarn shop,perhaps stocking all kinds of fabulouso wools and yarns from all four corners of the world.
Everything would probably be vastly over-priced (do you get a duty free allowance for yarn?) but I wouldn't entire holiday spending budget would be blown before I'd even boarded the plane!

So its with an ironic sense of shame that I must admit to taking a huge stash of lovely yarn with me to Menorca last summer, along with plenty of hooks, my current work in progress and a stack of patterns for inspiration should I need it and not hooking a single stitch the whole time I was away!

Lazing in the sun doing nothing much all day except for the occasional cooling off swim won the day..every day!

But regardless..I'm still mightily in favour of yarn shops in fact I'd cheer myself up greatly if there was a yarn shop in arrivals as well as departures,a big snuggly pile of soft woolly stuff would be just the thing to shake off the depressing feeling knowing I'm heading back to rainy old Yorkshire.
Airport managers! TAKE NOTE!!!
Em xx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Busy as a ....Busy Person!

Hello Blogiverse,its been a whole week and more since I last blogged,even though I promised myself I wouldn't leave it so long again!
My excuse..well I seem to have been very busy this past week or so..doing what you might well ask??
Well to be truthful 'nowt much..I seem to have endless projects on the go at the moment with no end in sight for any of them,but at least I'm having fun!
Currently I'm crocheting my big alpaca wool blanket,sewing circles together to make a bag,crocheting tiny circles to make little birds...
I am desperate to get these things finished so I can make and embroider a bag from a 'Maxmara' coat I felted last week, Decorate my mirror with beads, make some bunting for my living room..and oooh the list is never ending!

Hopefully these circles and lovely silky stuff will become a bag in the near future. The silky stuff was originally the lining from the aforementioned Maxmara coat.. And incase anyone is suddenly thinking..'ooh Maxmara..this lady is a WAG in disguise!'..I'm most certainly not,I bought the coat from a friend a good few years ago..tried it on and realised I looked like a big red headed toffee, so this coat has hung on my bedroom door for about 4 years gathering dust and recently I thought ..hmmm Ebay or scissors...scissors won!

The next project I'm working on at the moment is these little grey and colouyred stripey circles..I'm going to make them into teeny little birds and string them together.
I've used my circle crocheting time to finally catch up on all the gossip from Ambridge and I usually manage one circle per episode of 'The Archers'.

 Finally I've even neglected reading,which is so unlike me that I can hardly believe it myself..but I discovered this crochet addicts book thrown on a shelf in my bedroom last night,I was given it as a gift for my birthday last November and I promptly read one chapter..put it down and forgot about it until I re-discovered it last night, so I'm well into it now and hopefully I'll have it finished and be able to start the 'Alexander McCall Smith' book peeking out there..I bought this before christmas and lost it in the pile of rubbish (patterns,notes,christmas cards,crisp packets,letters from school etc) that covers the entire surface of my desk!
Well thats all for now folks..hopefully I'll be back soon with some finished projects and some exciting new ones started!
Em xx

Monday, 1 March 2010

Little Rugs..

I was talking to my Sister on Friday night and we got to chatting about how We'd both like to try our hands at rugmaking,something I did a long time ago as a child when my Mum bought a Redicut rug kit and it became a family effort until it was finished.
Anyways this got me to thinking and I remembered these 3 little gems put away on a shelf in a bedroom...


These were given to us about 4 years ago by our Tunisian friend Adel's mother when we visited their family home.
We took gifts of Marks and Spencers goodies and lots of quintessentially English foody things ..including Marmite,which sadly seems to be hated the world over!
We came home laden with hand pressed olive oil from our friends family groves,home made harissa paste and these beautiful rugs,which until yesterday were stowed away on a shelf.
They're only small and intended as decorations rather than functional so I'm going to hang them in my living room.
Over the past few years I've come to appreciate how much a hand made gift means as since I begun to make things I realise how much effort and love goes into making something.
Em xx